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Namastey, Sat Shiri Akal, Adab, Hello to all! is an Indian community for every Indian. We are all proud to be an Indian. VID’s target is to motivate everyone, inspire everyone, how to be bold and confident in their life, motivate people to achieve their goals because nothing is impossible. Our creative and dedicated team shares motivational, success, inspirational stories of common and of famous Indians with you, how they achieved their goals, what difficulties they faced in their life and never give up; because there is always an interesting story behind everyone.

We have made this little effort to connect every Indian, every Indian community from all around the world to share each other’s TRUE stories, social awareness messages. Lets motivate each other, educate each other and spread awareness. Make this little effort, if you can inspire/motivate/educate/aware even a single person to learn something from you, to dream more, to achieve something in his/her life or to come out from his/her bad times, than you are really a BLESSED person.

This is the platform where you can SHARE all your good or bad experiences of your life, StartUps  stories, views, your true interesting, inspirational, motivational stories and raise your voice against crime, violence, injustice. Express yourself, express your views, thoughts, innovations, hidden talent, share anything with us, what do you want to change in the society? Or what should we change? Or What efforts are you making to change it?; If anything happening wrong around you, please DON’T ignore that, don’t keep silence, raise your VOICE, become a true responsible human being to share your true views on the incidents, share your videos/photos here and we will share with everyone.

Your one TRUE story can change the life of thousands, millions of people, your story can teach a lesson, so that other people can be aware of the things. Yes “We” can change our SOCIETY, Let’s make some efforts to change it, make efforts to stop crime, inspire each others, share knowledge with each other, share your LIFE’s best moments, lets make it better place to live for our sisters, mothers, friends, wife, families fearless. Feel free to share anything good you want to share with our society, don’t express your frustration on anything bad just in comments, instead of that, SHARE it here.

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