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Not So Monotonous Story Of Chetan Soni, Founder of “Half Baked Beans”

Chetan Soni
Pranav Shree

Not everyone gets excited with the idea of making money; not everyone wants to live a comfortable life, there are few who find peace in being lost and in solving problems.

About Chetan Soni

Chetan Soni is a post-graduate from IMT-Ghaziabad who works for the betterment of young writers. Chetan was always a storyteller with no platform to share those exquisite fictions. His love for stories made him wander and do things differently.

Chetan Soni Founded Half Baked Beans to change the way traditional publishing industry works. The idea of discovering other genres and providing readers of the country with options in multitude made what Half Baked Beans is today.

The love for stories and art of story telling has kept Chetan Soni going through tough terrains. Half-Baked Beans has published more than 40 books till now, one of which was India’s first double-header book. Half-Baked Beans not only publishes young writers but nurtures them as well; literary workshops headed by expert authors have provided a helpful insight to the budding writers. Half Baked Beans’ Blog is just another platform for writers to express their views and practice writing.

HBB’s popular Facebook Fan Page is just another escape for writers seeking a platform to share inner conflicts in form of words. The Facebook Fan page allows writers to submit their Nano Tales and Micro Fiction. A series of contests keeps the enthusiasm alive, which is also a successful marketing strategy to go with.

Chetan Soni is someone who thinks differently and comes up with entertaining ways of doing same old stuff. Hundreds of entrepreneurs are building publishing houses that claim to be different but HBB is among the few, which takes measures and actually functions on a different paradigm. Writing Workshop, Online Contests, Blog Submission and Micro Fiction are just the few that put HBB above the crowd.

Other ventures Chetan Soni is involved with :

Green Rock: A merchandise enterprise that aims to provide Indian masses with the option to wear and express. Green Rock specializes in customized T-shirts, Laptop Skins, Hoodies and Mugs. Fan Art happens to be their Unique Selling Proportion.

Big Bang Trip: A travel scene where limited number of people from across India comes together to travel in a bus and experience varied offerings of life. Big Bang Trip is a pre-determined trip to a specified part of India. Find out more about them here.

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Chetan would have continued with his job and not done any of these publishing and travel thing but then world would have less published writers and few more untraveled people. It was Chetan’s desire to do something different that helped around 40 writers achieve their dream and another 20 people see how beautiful the world is.

Chetan‘s Facebook | Half baked beans : Facebook | Big bang trip : Facebook | Green Rock: Facebook
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Pranav Shree

Pranav Shree 22, Joined VID in 2016, He is residing in the capital city of India, he aims to make a name in the Blogosphere. With a lot of professional writing projects in hand, he is also working hard to acquire the requisite skills of penning down a masterpiece Novella. He has contributed a short story in the anthology—A Phase Unknown-Woman A Tribute. The National Daily Hindustan Times cited him as ‘Perhaps the youngest content writer cum blogger from the State.

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