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A Depressed Young Girl Lilly Singh aka Superwoman’s Motivational Story

Lilly Singh Superwoman
Shruti Sharma

Name: Lilly Singh (Lilly Saini Singh) aka ‘Superwoman’

Date of Birth: 26th September, 1988

Place of Birth: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Current Status: Single

About Lilly Singh aka SuperWomen :

Lilly Singh is a popular Vlogger, YouTuber, comedian, and an inspiring motivational speaker. Her YouTube fans will give you a glimpse of the popularity she enjoys. Due to a number of roles she plays at a time, her fans also call her a ‘Superwoman’.

Lilly is highly active on most of the social sites and this is what keeps her connected with her fans and followers. Other than the roles mentioned above, Lilly has also played a few character roles in movies like; Thank you, Gulaab Gang, Dr. Cabbie, and A Trip to Unicorn Island. Lilly is a Canadian by residential status, but her origin is Indian.

Her skits and comic style of handling conversations make her a splendid personality loved by all. She has chunks of videos that she keeps uploading on YouTube, expressing her experiences of meeting some of the top celebrities of the world. Lilly’s fame and success has not been a piece of cake. She has faced her own set of struggle and challenges.

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The Time When Lilly Met The Rock! – Image via youtube


Lilly was born to a Punjabi family in Canada, named Sukhwinder and Malwinder Singh. She has a blend of Rajput and Sikh tradition. Lilly is a sibling to a sister named Tina. Lilly was raised as a tomboy and this could be due to her carefree and bold attitude.

Lilly has always dragged her attention to the Punjabi heritage and tradition. Despite, being a good Canadian student and attaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she remains a true Indian at heart. She is full of life and excitement, but these things were never given to her in disguise by the almighty.

Lilly has strived for it in her own depression. According to the sources, Lilly never knew that the videos uploaded on social sites like YouTube to curb her depression, will bring her this level of recognition today.  

Achievements and Rewards:

Lilly Singh has dragged millions of viewers and fans in the give and take relationship of depression and laughter. A few refreshing words from Lilly with the motive to inspire others, brings her an array of awards and achievements.

She was nominated as the finalist for best YouTube Comedian, Shorty Awards. Some more awards and rewards grabbed by Lilly are;

  • Social Superstar of the Year

  • First Person Streamy Award

  • Nominated for Teen Choice YouTuber Awards and Streamy Awards for Entertainer of the Year
  • Her videos show a number of 1 billion+ viewer ship and over 7.9 million subscribers on YouTube

Watch one of her hilarious video : “Priyanka Chopra – “Exotic” PARODY”

Motivational Life Story of Lilly Singh :

Lilly closely cherishes the title of ‘Superwoman’ given to her as she strongly believes that superwoman is mainly related to a way of life than merely a title. Lilly has been through sleepless nights and share dark rooms of her memories of her childhood. Her journey was not as smooth as a waterfall, but every step she took by facing her challenges were like raindrops falling one after another to fill the lake of success.

In one of the posts, Lilly rightly said;

“I know this won’t hurt forever, I know I will make it through this and I know years from now this won’t matter as much as it does now.” Keep yourself busy in the most creative manner.

Lilly strongly believes that no activity in this world is a waste. She doesn’t consider her 7.9 million followers through her video upload during her depression mode, a waste.

Lilly’s achievements and success is an eye opener to many young aspiring women. If you check a few real films or documentary on YouTube based on Lilly Singh’s life story, you would know the reason to smile. Lilly Singh is not a name of a young girl; Lilly Singh is a tool for all those girls who wish to leave footprints worldwide. Although, Lilly has never expressed or realized herself the reason for those days of depression, she believes that instead of finding the root of depression, it is wise to build roots of happiness.

Lilly motivates others by stating that you must either leave the worse or live in worse, choice is yours… To add more, the advantage is that you have the right to choose between these two. Lastly, do not feel ashamed of falling down; take the pride to stand up and fight your battles alone.

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