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Marta Vanduzer-Snow, An American Ph.D Student Transforming Indian Villages by Making Roads, Toilets for Poor and Needy People

Marta Vanduzer Snow
Pranav Shree

India continues to be a third world country when it comes to making proper toilets available to the masses. The contemporary Indian government claims that they have built more than 2,00,000 toilets in recent past. With the increased pace of building toilets, things seem to get better but there’s still a lot to be done. India needs to work a bit harder in order to eradicate the old and smelly culture of defecating in open.

About Marta Vanduzer Snow

Marta Vanduzer Snow an American Ph.D student has decided to transform India by making toilets for poor and needy people. Indian government and non-governmental organizations understand the contemporary problem and have also intricate details about the methods to be taken but the vastness of the problem makes it difficult for the government to take it on as a mass scale movement.

Marta Vanduzer Snow comes to Uttar Pradesh, India all the way from Boston. She is a Rutgers University Scholar who wants to leave the world better than she inherited it. Marta is not one of those millennial who believe in talking but surely one of those who allows her work to do the talking.

Her Contribution

Till date, Marta Vanduzer-Snow has contributed a lot. Reportedly (TOI), she has built 122 meter roads in Uttar Pradesh, helped more than 11 family to use personal toilets. Her efforts has also helped few government schools get their first ever toilets. Marta Vanduzer Snow did all this at a price which is almost one-third of the funds allocated by government for similar jobs.

Central Government is on a spree and they are making swach toilets across India. Every toilet government builds costs around 19000 INR but the toilets build by Marta is cheaper and can be built with a meagre investment of 9000 INR. The government plans to spend 4,0,00,000 INR for constructing 100 meters of road but with Marta the same road can be built with a lesser investment of 2,00,000 INR.

Image credit : funddreamer

       Image credit : funddreamer


Marta came to India in 2012 and started her mission from Uttar Pradesh, her efforts have helped families get a better life and social status. With more than 100 evapotranspiration toilets already built the dream is getting bigger and bigger. Together they are looking forward to much wider social acceptance of the program and development work.

Her Efforts Inspiring Youth

Marta Vanduzer-Snow Villages UP

Image credit : funddreamer

This is a project that beats government when it comes to cost and passion. Marta has not just helped people in India by building toilets and by constructing roads but they have also inspired the generation to take up things in their own hands and deliver.

The fact that a foreign national came to know and worked for the welfare of country has ignited hidden love in the hearts of people. Her campaign had a social impact on the modern generation. A lot of young lads are now using the available resources for changing the condition of their locality and state. The changing mindset is going to bring in the much required development and social status for everyone. India is going to see a sea of new initiatives where people are the torchbearers.

We at VID salute her efforts and hard work, Wishes her all the very best for her future endeavours.

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