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Md Anamullah, Founder of “BPO-E-GROUP – An online platform where one can find their solution related to their legal compliance, filing etc” Shares his Story


Please tell us about yourself :

I am Md Anamullah. I founded BPO-E-GROUP, during my undergraduate studies in BBCET College, Jaipur. I visited to Chennai to meet with my few childhood friends. Because of some financial problem and learning, I started working in “Bharat Matrimony” as a BMPA (Payment Assistant). I got job there because of my experienced in call center. There, I was giving my 100% in selling and finally at the end made 4 to 5 lakh sales/month. When I had a discussion with my friend and senior, then they suggested that you have a more capability so you can start something of your own. That night I thought a lot on their suggestion and analyses myself.

Finally, I left my job and started research & working on my idea and founded BPO-E-GROUP (That was my turning point). At BPO-E-GROUP, we are working hard and continually looking for feedback and suggestion from everyone to improve our services day by day.

My Goal is to provide one stop expert solution for startup under one roof by collaborating with ingenious minds and engaging novel technologies. I am inspired by Late Dr. APJ Abdulkalam and Prof. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Laureate) and i follow only rule that,

“Being an Entrepreneur, you never say that you can’t do. Always move on with saying  you can do it.”


BPO-E-GROUP is a successful startup which are offering services to solve the problem associated with new upcoming entrepreneurs and startup like legal compliance, taxation and filing problems and also providing support to startup. Now Startup is no more to hunt for experienced CA for his advisory and experience developer because we are providing one Stop solution for your issues.

BPO-E-GROUP partners with a network of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Cost Accountants, Tax Consultants, and Financial Experts, websites and app developer, designer across PAN India to provide services for small and medium sized enterprises Start-up at every stage who can professionally consult and resolve your issues.

As the name says “BPO-E-GROUP”, we are here to serve the entrepreneurs or Startup and believe in serving our Clients and Providing Satisfaction as per their requirements

About Team:

The company has two Co-founders. :

1) Mr Md Anamullah is an Engineer by profession, has experience of more than 3 year in different fields like (Customer service, Tele-Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and legal consultant), who is Founder and CEO of this organization.

2) Mr. Quasib Raza, He has experience in different organization, who is the BDM of this same organization.

And partners with a network of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, Cost Accountants, Tax Consultants, Developer& Designer ,network of freelancer and Financial Experts across India

When and How did you think about BPO-E-GROUP?

At the stage of engineering, worked with some few Companies, that’s why I got experience in BPO, Customer service, Tele-Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and legal consultant. I was very passionate to open my own call center and also help the aspirants.

When i started searching then i came to know that to get Genuine Projects is very difficult due to a lot of Scammers and fake projects in market. After knowing that there are so many scammers and fake projects are available to deceive the people, it took me couple of year to understand then after i came to know why is it so? Finally, i realized that you can’t ignore fake or Scammed projects in the market, because of unawareness of the projects which we are taking from the others.

So I know how important is to get a Genuine Campaign, then i started working on my ideas and founded a “BPO-E-GROUP” and started to help aspirants in getting knowledge and also tried to protect them from fraudsters and because of experience in legal field I started to educate and Professionally Consult the Startup about their legal Compliance, filing etc.

In research we have seen that most of the startup don’t have knowledge that where to go for help regarding their startup related issue. So finally We are working on exploring our services to provide one stop solution for startup under one roof.

What makes BPO-E-GROUP special from others similar platform?

BPO-E-GROUP is an online platform where one can find their solution related to their legal compliance, filing etc. based on their requirements. and also we are providing one stop expert solution for the startup or an entrepreneur like their other startup services and also we are guiding the aspirant who are interested to open their own call center.
This is special and different from all other platforms because.

“We are providing one stop expert solution under one roof , therefore startup or entrepreneurs don’t have to find other platform for their services.” & many more services and features are coming very soon which make us more unique and special.

Visit :

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