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Senior Freelance Writer Shruti Sharma’s Secret to Happiness is Self-Worth

shruti Sharma real life stories
Shruti Sharma

If you think life is harsh, it is time to realize your own value and self-esteem. The journey of my life was   full of hardships, until I started playing with these in a professional way. This is a story about my victory over challenges.

Name: Shruti Sharma

Date of Birth: 21st May, 1981

Place of Birth: Mumbai

My Profession: Freelance Content Writer

My Background:

After working as a writer for 3 years and going through various inspirational stories, I feel proud to share my own. This woman in the picture may look smiling, gorgeous, and confident; however, the story behind this smile is completely different than what you think.

I completed my masters in commerce and I am a certified personality development trainer. The background of my career began with working as a telemarketing executive at Telebrands Pvt. Ltd and landed as a personality development trainer at Le Royal Meridian, VCI Club. The last full paid job was as a Business Development Manager in an export and import firm of spices. Writing was always my hobby and I used to write poems ever since I was a kid. It was then; I realized that I am born to write. I resigned from a full paid service for two main reasons; to handle my 8 year old daughter and my passion for writing.

If life gives you a second chance, do not give it to those who have already exhausted their two chances

_  (c) Shruti Sharma

My Story:

I don’t know from where to begin, but I am writing with this hope that I may inspire a few if not all readers. Please take this story with an objective mind and consider yourself worthy of what you are. I have been through a number of unfortunate incidents in my life, but I never lost hopes due to a supportive family. My grandfather taught me one thing; ‘If you wish to achieve something great in life, compare yourself with the successful; but if you wish to be satisfied in life, compare yourself with the strugglers.’ I lost my grandparents a couple of years ago and then the struggles burdened me like piles of stones on my back.

My marriage took place 2006 in Punjab. I was abused, given drugs in food, threatened, beaten badly, and was a victim of all those incidents that an unlucky girl would undergo post her marriage. The reason why I used the word ‘unlucky’ is because this is how I considered myself at that time. I was forced to deliver a baby boy and asked to get money from my parents’ house.

We do not have control over our destinies; but we have control over our emotions. Face it either smiling or crying, choice is yours…

_  (c) Shruti Sharma


I strongly believe when your patience becomes your strength; that is the time when God sends angels to help you. An angelic baby girl was gifted to be by the almighty. She brought the voice in me, she gave me hopes to live, and she is the reason why I am here today.

There were nights when I used to fill my mouth with sheets and shriek not to let people know about my weakness and pain. I was thrown out of the house in the midnight, where I fed my newly born on the street. I was startled in life, but it was the time when I realized that it is not only the education that helps you to stand, but also your self-esteem. A pretty smile on my laps from my daughter made me realize the worth of being a mother. You need to gather your strength, courage, and self-esteem to smile back at life. That was the time when I realized, ‘if a woman can bring a life in this world, she can certainly take care of her own life too.’

I could have easily committed suicide after being through various anxiety attacks. Recently, I was also detected with breast cancer symptoms. I understand that situations are tough at times; however, today, when I look back at just the glimpse of what I shared with you, I give a smile to that period as it only makes me stronger and confident to face tougher battles in life.

After going through various heartbreaks in life and meeting different challenges of being a single parent, I learnt the biggest secret of life; ‘You have two hands so that one hand can hold the other when you feel lonely, you have two legs so that one leg can walk with the other when you have no one to walk with you, you have one of the most precious assets that will help you wipe your own tears and that is Your Smile. Learn to smile for yourself and trust me it feels great!

I hope that you are touched and inspired by a few logics of my life. It feels amazing to realize the value of motherhood and share it with others. Trust me, life is precious; don’t waste it after unwanted things and situations. Admire yourself and smile back at all those who feel envy of you.

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Shruti Sharma

A dedicated, loyal and amazing woman, Shruti Sharma is a post graduate in Management (M.COM) and before joining VID as a senior author, she worked as a freelance writer for more than 3 years. Her unique style of writing and original quotes are loved by the readers. She is passionate about writing, dancing, music, and sketching.

Comments to Senior Freelance Writer Shruti Sharma’s Secret to Happiness is Self-Worth


  1. Jaya Varsani says:

    Truly inspirational x

  2. You are amazing Shruti,

    Thank you for sharing this Wonderful and inspiring Story of your own life,, it takes guts and lot of courage to be the place you reached today!!

    Hats off to You!!!

    May God Bless you with Happiness , Health & Prosperty in Life!

  3. Neha Madiya says:

    Hats off Lady! I'm touched!

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  6. Thank you everyone for all your inspirational comments.

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  8. Asavari Sharma says:

    It is truly unbelievable, but unwillingly accepted that such people do exist in our society. What a dreadful shame!

    Bravo to you!! Hats off! You played your part well and you and your little angel truly deserve every bit of happiness, respect, love, peace, contentment, and care.

    God bless the both of you!!

  9. Gaurav Sharma says:

    Really Impressive.Hats off to you..You’re the true inspiration..!!

    1. Shruti Sharma says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      Thank you and it feels great to see the men praising me for my courage and struggle. My respect!

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