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Srinivasa Ramanujan An Indian Mathematician : Not So Infinite Story Of The Man Who Knew Infinity

Srinivasa Ramanujan story
Pranav Shree

Srinivasa Ramanujan is the man who knew Infinity. Srinivasa Ramanujan has been on all Magazine Covers, won every recognition and has also been adopted as a feature movie but all this happened after he died proving his theorem and himself apparently. The untold story of Srinivasa Ramanujan inspires people to do things that make them happy, no matter what the world thinks of them.

How the Journey of being Great Started?

Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyenagar was born to a Tamil Family on 22 December 1887 in India. He later went onto become one of the most reputed mathematicians from India. He was never professional trained to be a mathematician but the contribution he made to the world of mathematics is incomparable and really appreciable. Srinivasa died at an early age of 32 and left the world with a lot of secrets to be resolved and discovered.

His keen desire to discover new theorems made him rediscover the old ones and brought him under the limelight. Indian scientists and mathematicians recognized his potential at early stage and congratulated him for his amazing skills and efforts.

The Journey of discovering and Rediscovering Mathematical Theorems:

Srinivasa Ramanujan found a lost brother in form of G.H Hardy and then started an exquisite of discoveries and rediscoveries. Together they did great discoveries. The word spread soon and Srinivasa left for England only to return with an ailing disease. His return in 1920 marked the beginning of his bad health, which apparently led to death.

Srinivasa discovered around 3900 theorems and rewrote hundreds of other existing theorem. His untold story is not just inspirational but very much saddening. Had he lived the world would have known what infinity actually is and what it tends to depict. Today we live in a world where Srinivasa is not very popular but the feature film that debuted at International Film Festival Goa has surely surfaced him as a mathematical genius. The world now knows that there was a man who knew what Infinity actually is.

Ramanujan Prime and Ramanujan theta function happens to be some of the popularly works of Ramanujan. World found his theorems and algorithms to be really controversial and unorthodox; it is only Irony that all of his 3900 results have been vindicated and proved to be correct in the contemporary world.

Movie The Man Who Knew Infinity brings to world the real and most accurate story of Srinivasa Ramanujan; the intricately designed scenes and dialogues help people understand what kind of man Srinivasa was.

The Personal Life and his Individuality:

Srinivasa married Janaki Ammal in the year 1909, it was an arranged marriage; Srinivasa’s mother selected the bride for him and ensured that they get married in a low family affair. Srinivasa was happy about the way things were happening in his life.

The partnership he had with G.H Hardy is the more interesting than the one he had with his wife. Together Srinivasa and G.H Hardy rewrote hundreds of algorithm/theorems and changed the world of mathematics forever and ever.

A Life Full of Denial and Criticism:

Srinivasa spent his life under denial and criticism. Srinivasa and his theorems were way ahead of his time; he had travelled time to leverage world with the information whose discovery were nothing but inevitable.

Seven decades after the death of Srinivasa the world realized, how very true and accurate he was with his discoveries and rediscoveries. He leveraged the world with a new direction but all this happened only after he was dead.

Varied books and biographies of known mathematicians have marked Srinivasa to be a superstitious.

Saluting the Real Hero of Modern Day Mathematics:

In the beginning, it is difficult to believe that someone could have been so accurate with his predictions of mathematical formulas and theorems. We look at the amazing discoveries he made and do nothing but appreciate the efforts a man from middle class family from India made and changed the world forever and forever.

The movie allows the world to understand who Srinivasa Ramanujan was and it also leverages the world with a chance to stand and respect a person who defied all denials and criticism and rose as the real hero.

Srinivasa’s contribution to the mathematical world is incomparable and beyond imagination. His theory for 3900 theorems were vindicated and accepted by the varied International Societies concerned with Mathematics.

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