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The Story And Success Behind The Co-Founders Of Shopclues

shopclues success story
Shruti Sharma

Team work and efforts can bring you immense success and satisfaction, believes Sandeep Agarwal, the founder of online shopping portal The success of is based on various efforts and reasons for the group that you will see ahead.

About Shopclues and its Co-Founders:

Once a challenging business, today India’s one of the largest online marketplace, is a marvelously successful business today. Sanjay Sethi, the co-founder and CEO of Shopclues has a lot to speak about the success of his business and his own hardships.

If not shopclues, Sanjay Sethi would have been a PHD in astrophysics. However, between his passion and his goal, he chose his goal. Although, Sanjay got an offer from the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, he left his heart out to choose entrepreneurship as his commercial business.

Sethi did not jump into Shopclues immediately. There was a lot of switch between roles and companies before he could reach this height. He graduated from Banaras Hindu University and then, worked as a Mechanical Engineer for about 3 years at a Steel Plant. After taking some more experience from firms like; Ebay, he finally founded Shopclues in 2011. Today, Shopclues is one of the most preferred sites for online shopping and online dealing. Refer to the list of reviews and feedback from customers all the corners and you would know the reason why.Shopclues Journey


If you consider the financial progress and credibility of Shopclues, the marketplace has raised and cracked a deal that valued Shopclues at about $500 million. To tell you briefly, the $500 million project in GMV and $130 million in the bank was raised from Tiger Global, Nexus, Helion, and Venture Partners. Today, Shopclues stand in some of the most reputed and top-notch online marketing houses, and enjoys amazing credibility.

Shopclues made a profit of Rs. 350 crore in the merchandise business in 2013 and this was a major hit for the business. After this, there was no looking back as Shopclues has made a remarkable image in the online market.

Looking at the pace of business enjoyed at Shopclues, it seems that the list of success and achievement will keep increasing with the course of time.


Motivational Factor:

It is one of the amazing things to read about how some young entrepreneurs begin their business from the base and reach the level of success with their own efforts and credibility. I truly admire Sethi for his confidence and inner belief in finding Shopclues and making it reach to the level expected and dreamt of. Although, Sethi begin with this dream on his own, he was never alone after the establishment of the online marketplace. As the saying goes, it takes a drop of water to make the land wet; however, collective drops of water make an ocean. 43 year old Sethi gives credit to his team and his family, who have been a great support in this business.

With the element and passion for business, Shopclues sees itself as a mass market retailer. One of the best things about the objective of the co-founders is that they involved middlemen, local, and regional brands. These even involved mobiles, tablets, and other accessories. Due to this motive, the market generates 70 percent of its profits from smaller cities. This was one of the hits for the companies to choose from. I would rather call it an out of the box idea.

The other successful co-founders who brought the business into limelight are; Sandeep Agarwal and Radhika Ghai Aggarwal. Radhika is among the exceptional businesswoman who decides the year of the company’s success and then starts with the planning and execution. I am amazed to know about her spontaneity and her amazing work style. She is a lady who runs a simple business in the trendiest style.

I always wanted to create a blog of my own, get into online portals, make more money. After the success story of Shopclues, I realized one thing; we must not make plans of business, we must make plan of actions at first. This has helped me to see the position I am standing at right now and where I wish to lead in future. As per me, Shopclues is doing a damn neat job of team work, customer service and marketing, credibility, and profit generation for the company. If you haven’t experienced shopping at Shopclues, then perhaps you are waiting for someone to guide you through the actual worldliness of shopping.

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Shruti Sharma

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