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Submit Your Story Here is for every Indian. We are all proud to be an Indian. VID’s target is to motivate everyone, inspire everyone, how to be bold and confident, empower you to achieve your goals. Our creative and dedicated team shares real life motivational, success, inspirational stories of famous and common Indian’s with you, how they achieved their goals, what difficulties they faced in their life; because there is always an interesting story behind every successful man.

Do not hesitate, please do SHARE all your good or bad experiences of your life, views, your true interesting stories of your life, STARTUP stories, inspirational, motivational stories and raise your voice against crime, violence, injustice. Express yourself, express your views, what do you want to change in the society? Or If anything happening wrong around you, please DON’T ignore that, don’t keep silence, Post it here and share with everyone. Your one TRUE story can change the life of thousands, millions; if you will make this little effort.

Note : Kindly do not submit any copied/copyrighted content without the permission of its respected owner. Casinos/Gambling, adult related content, violence related content or anything which is illegal or can disturb sentiments of anyone, we will not accept that.

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