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The Man Of The Millennium Palam Kalyanasundaram Spreads Kindness Like A Bonfire

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Name: Palam Kalyanasundaram

Age: 76 years approximately

Place of Birth: Tamil Nadu

Current Status: Alive

About Palam Kalyanasundaram:

No words can describe the beauty of this man’s kindness. A 76 year old librarian, Palam Kalyanasundaram teaches the world that money does not get you popularity and recognition. It is your kindness that becomes famous for which people recognize you as their idol. Kalyanasundaram has acted the role of a librarian for 30 years. Apart from working as a librarian, he has also worked as a waiter in a hotel in a deal of 2 meals a day and some salary. He was honored as the Man of Millennium by an American association.

The guy is a role model and also an adopted father to the legendary actor – Rajnikanth. Do not underestimate the lifestyle and education of this great legend.  According to his educational background, he is a gold medalist in library science and also holds masters in literature and history.


You might be wondering why I am talking so positive and good about Palam Kalyanasundaram and what has he done exactly. The young librarian served his company effortlessly and donated his entire monthly salary to the orphans. He continued to do so, till his retirement. To add more, this amazing and inspiring man never married with the intention to serve his country by his kindness. Kalyanasundaram also donated his monthly pension to the needy orphans.

The past life of Kalyanasundaram will amaze you and take you to a different world of kindness. A normal looking grandpa figure has been through a list of struggles in his past life. He was motivated and inspired by his mother to help the poor and needy. Kalyanasundaram lost his father at a tender age. Kalyanasundaram strongly believes in words said to him by Thamizhvaanan, writer of self-improvement books, “Don’t bother about how you speak. Strive to make others speak good about you.” He had found his calling: child welfare.” These words were used by the great writer to bring Kalyanasundaram out of the discouragement of his feminist voice.

Achievements and Rewards:

He was awarded a sum of Rs. 30 crores as a part of his contributions towards the benefit of orphans by an American organization; however he gave the lump sum money in charity. He is among the first person in the world to have donated his entire salary to the needy. The list of awards does not end from the Life Time of Service Award to the Rotary Club of India. Kalyanasundaram is among the top 10 librarians in the world. He also won the award of the best librarian in India, by the Union Government.

Motivational Factor:

Motivation is not the word for this level of sacrifice made by someone who left all the comforts, luxury, and convenience for those who don’t belong to him. In terms of kindness, Kalyanasundaram belongs to the family of Mother Teresa. This may sound stupid but, I get Goosebumps when I am asked to remove my old favorite clothes from my closet that does not hold any purpose. Our affection slowly becomes our possession. However, Kalyanasundaram’s kindness and selfless acts teach us to leave our possessions in search for affection.

It is not a piece of cake to live on two meals a day and have nothing in your pocket despite a handsome salary and stable job. He donated his ancestral property, jewelry, assets and everything that belong to him. I truly admire this man for what he has done to the ones in need. He never wanted to become famous, but it is his kindness that has awakened so many people.

In one of the media sources of, Kalyanasundaram rightly said; “One can get money in three possible ways. First, through earnings; secondly, through parents’ earnings, and thirdly, through money donated by someone. But there’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to donate money for charity out of your own earnings.”

This great legend conveys a strong message to the world that there is nothing in this universe as precious as your own soul. Do not let the materialistic things affect your soul in being kind to others. If Kalyanasundaram being a normal human with no special skills, wings, or angels around him, can take efforts in bringing smile on little children, what are we waiting for? It is no doubt that not everyone is as selfless and angelic like Kalyanasundaram; however, we can at least begin to take efforts. There are many people desperate for a touch and a simple hug of kindness. Let’s begin today!

Image Credit Adethya/Wikimedia Commons

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