Parag Doodhya

Meet Parag Doodhya, 19 years old from Indore (MP) diagnosed with a kidney disease, reduced 20kg, Inspiring Body Transformation Story

I’m Parag Doodhya, 19 years old from Indore(MP) currently pursuing Bachelor of Engineering.

Back in April 2012, I was diagnosed with a kidney disease, “nephrotic syndrome” and then I was immediately prescribed some medicines which also include cortico steroids. The treatment continued for long and I was supposed to take those steroids as prescribed by my nephrologist.

Nothing changed much until 2014 and that disease even relapsed thrice but by January 2015, my health got better with each passing day and by now I had stopped all medications.

Until now I had gained a lot of weight as a side effect of side effect of those steroids and also because of sedentary lifestyle. Other side effects of those steroids include pimples-acne all over my body, increased risk of infections, thinning bones, slower wound healing and few other effects as well.

First attempt, FAILED!

Now it was the time when I was advised that Its high time to reduce weight. I started putting efforts but due to some or the other reason couldn’t get going. First attempt, FAILED !

Second attempt, FAILED !

Than I got busy with my 12th grade examinations and did nothing much. Once I was done with that in April 2015, again I decided to shed those extra kilos. May be, I didn’t put enough efforts and gave up. Second attempt, FAILED !

In July 2015, I again thought of getting into fit lifestyle and so started with walking and at that time I wasn’t even able to run 400m but with time I improved and even within 10-15 days I was doing much better than when I started.

Third attempt, FAILED !

But the sad part was that with all zeal and excitement I hurried in achieving my unrealistic goals and as a result I injured myself. It was a muscle stress fracture on my left leg and was advised to take rest for 3 weeks. Third attempt, FAILED !

It was a big disappointment and then at that time I started losing all hopes of any weight loss, this time around weighing scale was above 80kg mark . By now I had completely gave up and accepted myself as failure.

After a month, around August 2015, this injury completely healed and I got into my engineering college.

This was the time when I got the reason to again stand-up, now I knew why I need to transform!

21st august,2015.    I started off well and followed a very strict diet and results showed up in the first month itself. Again there were few injuries, thankfully minor one and few other setbacks but there was no looking back this time around. There were times when I felt low in energy and lot of pain sometimes but there was something that kept me pushing harder and harder.

I continued with my cardio workout and followed a very strict diet, I also did strength training and its been over a year and half, finally I have reduced more than 20kg and have completed few half-marathons as well.

Body TransformationFor now, it feels amazing and especially when you get lot of compliments from friends and relatives.

“Some friends and relatives seeing me after a long time cannot recognize me, but most of all I feel more confident. I am now comfortable in my own skin—that’s the best part!”

Not only on the health part, I even became a better person, a more matured person and during all this, my mind became even more creative and I’m now called “shaayar”. So this is something good that added to my personality.

Now I’m much more confident, i’m super fit.

Facing so many failures, I learnt a lot and specially what I personally feel is that running marathons teaches you how you are supposed to live life. The best part is that I learnt a lot about health and fitness related stuff by myself. I never went to a gym, neither had any personal coach.

Now, I wish to inspire, motivate others and finish many more marathons, ultra-marathons. 

“From someone who could not even walk half a kilometer without getting tired, to a capable runner who can go on for miles, he sure has come a long way!”

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