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‘Viral Indian Diary’ is an Indian motivational, success, startup stories Diary.

VID got started in 2015 with the aim of sharing meaningful content that actually creates value in our lives.

VID’s aim is to inspire everyone, how to be bold and confident in their life and motivate youth to achieve their goals because nothing is impossible.

VID’s motive is to empower youth, connecting young students and the upcoming next generation to understand startup ecosystems. how startups operate, what challenges startup founders face, how they are growing and hiring young talent, understand marketing, and ethics of business, understand funding, and learn from the proud startup founders from their inspiring and motivational startup stories.

*Important: Indian Startups stats from 2016 to 2023 and total jobs created by 98,119 Indian startups since 2016.

By Year: 2016 April 2023
Total Startups: 428 98,119
Total Jobs: Over 10 lakh (1 Million) direct Jobs have been created

Startups in India have increased from 428+ (in 2016) to 98,119 as of April 30, 2023.

What do we do at VID?

Our creative and dedicated team writes diaries on incredible Indians and motivational, successful, startup stories of common and famous personalities. Including the top startup lists, top Indians, best Indian, incredible Indians, and informational and as well as entertainment articles.

How they achieved their goals, What difficulties they faced in their life and never gave up; because there is always an interesting story behind everyone.

We have made this little effort to connect every Indian, and every Indian community from all around the world to share each other’s TRUE inspiring stories, and social awareness messages.

Let’s motivate each other, educate each other and spread awareness.

Make this little effort, if you can inspire/motivate/educate/aware even a single person to learn something from you, to dream more, to achieve something in his/her life or to come out from his/her bad times, then you are really a BLESSED person.

Write your diary today and inspire everyone.

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What you can share?

Express yourself, your inspiring story, express your positive views, thoughts, innovations, and hidden talent, and share anything inspiring, meaningful, motivational, or anything positive for the betterment of society. Ask for positive advice, you might find the solution from others.

  • What do you want to change in society as a responsible citizen?
  • What efforts are you making to change it?
  • Let’s spread the positive knowledge
  • Start writing your diary today and let’s share with all.

Your ONE Story!

Your one TRUE story can change the lives of thousands, millions of people, your story can teach a lesson.

Feel free to write your diary here that you want to share with our society, don’t express your frustration on anything bad just in comments, instead of that, SHARE it here and give a positive message.

Why you should support VID?

VID (a bootstrapped platform) is a NON-Funded, NON-Political, Hate Free, Independent platform.

E-mail us your suggestions/views/stories to submit @ viralindiandiary.com

Or you can simply Submit Your Story Here →

Thank you for reading, if you like what we are doing, please spread the word and share VID on your social media platforms and support VID!

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