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Gurbaksh Chahal’s “The Chahal Foundation” has taken an Immense step to support Indian Education System and other important Global Social causes

The base of Chahal Foundation began with the innumerable efforts and hard work of Gurbaksh Chahal. Gurbaksh was just 16, when he decided to pursue his career as an entrepreneur and dropped his studies from high school. It was his passion and his keen vision that he established four successful companies, followed by The Chahal Foundation, 501(c) 3.

The objective behind the organization is to provide dreams and restore hopes across the globe. Gurbaksh and the team of Chahal Foundation believe in; ‘We Care and so We Dare.’

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About The Chahal Foundation

The Chahal Foundation was founded on July 17th, 2014 with a mission to create a meaningful global impact in the lives of those less fortunate and yet highly spirited. The foundation created a platform where people from all over the world share a common dream, and a universal right, ‘to be happy’.

Our team strongly believes that irrespective of people’s lifestyle, looks, financial background or religious beliefs, everyone has a right to live a happy life, which is free of fears. Everyone has a right to dream and a right to be educated. These common links and bonds between us connect us together.

The Chahal Foundation was originally evolved out of the BeProud Foundation, which was formed in August 2012. The story behind the foundation was in relation to the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting; an unforgettable tragic day when a gunman killed six people and wounded four others.

The Chahal Foundation is based on few other dimensional thoughts in relation to the following areas:

  • Create awareness of social causes in the societies
  • University scholarships and mentorships across the countries
  • Support disaster relief efforts
  • Improve schools and its education systems in different parts of the world

Contributions of The Chahal Foundation:

The success of The Chahal Foundation is due to the continuous efforts of Chahal family and their contribution for social causes. To add more, efforts have been taken in improving the educational interests by providing Scholarships of New York’s Pace University. The foundation has extended its support for disaster reliefs by tying up with other non-profit organizations like; The Red Cross. Gurbaksh closely focuses improvement in academic interests of the youth by working with various NGOS in India and Africa.

The Chahal Foundation is keen to join hands with like-minded contributors and welcome internships as well.

#Lets Make Our Kids Smile Campaign :

The chahal foundation Team
“The Chahal Foundation Team”

“India has 440 million children. There are 187 million students who lack proper education. Many of them lack the basic facilities that we take for granted…playgrounds, libraries, and meals, for instance. Too many kids go hungry. Many of the schools don’t even have toilets for girls, causing millions of girls to drop out each year. It’s a life most can’t fathom.

For millions of children, education is an impossible dream. Instead they are put to work at an early age. Official statistics tell us that there are more than 12 million child workers in India. Many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) estimate that the actual figure could be as high as 60 million. That’s almost twice the population of Canada. UNICEF estimates that India has the highest number of laborers in the world under the age of 14, and many toil in hazardous jobs.”

Save the future. Share hope. Share a dream. Make them smile. Make a difference.

Links of “handful” the charity contributions by Gurbaksh Chahal in the past 8 years :

2008: Supporting underprivileged and domestic violence: San Francisco’s Tenderloin District

■ Helping domestic violence victims at Rafael House in SF

2009: CityTV: StreetKids International Charity Event

2010: Pace University scholarships: The Chahal Family Entrepreneurial Endowment fund. Each year two students continue to earn merit scholarships. Most of these awards have been given to female students to help promote women equality in the workforce.

■ Individual testimonies:

■ Pace University Scholarships : The Chahal Family Entrepreneurial Endowed Scholarship

Haiti Relief NOW Fundraiser in – Surrey, BC

2012: Wisconsin shooting – promoted a campaign to end religious difference

■ BeProud foundation: End Hate

2013: Individual testimonies

■ Pace Scholarship awardee:

2014: Campaign against child labor: “Let’s make our kids smile” campaign

Individual Random People’s Testimonies:

2015: Individual Random People’s Testimonies

2016: The Chahal Foundation – education stipends and scholarships, blind centers, computer labs, school donations:

Delhi (India) schools/ NGO :

1. Arya Gurukul
It’s a hostel where children from Naxalite areas from north eastern area of India are adopted and given food clothes and admitted to school fees is also taken care by the Gurukul.
Gurbaksh has committed aid to build one full floor of the hostel which would cost approximately INR 700000.

2. Pragati wheel school
The school imparts free education to the underprivileged and is being run by Mr Raman Khanna.
Gurbaksh visited the school and donated 5 iPads for the use by the students and also committed up-gradation to the existing Library which has not so many books.

3. Salwan Public School : Located in Old rajinder Nagar. Chahal foundation helped the visually impaired students who were performing very well by giving them assistance of stationary and books and also giving them iPads so that it enables and help them to learn via alternate ways. : Read here

Chahal foundation also helped a resident Blind school for girls located at new rajinder nagar by providing each student supply for full month of needs such as toothpaste, washing soap, bathing soap, tooth brush, washing powder.

4. My perch Library located in sector 49 Noida and run solely by a single girl who helps the street kids to come and learn basic education needs for free.
Gurbaksh helped the library by getting water purifier for kids installed desktops for the kids to start learning computers and also iPads to learn and be a part with everyone around. Gurbaksh was very touched when he came to know that the girl was running the school without having any resources to pay even the rent and thus  helped her  to meet immediate financial needs.

Founder of My perch library sent blessings : Read Here

5. Society for advanced studies and rehabilitation.
The society is located on faridabad and was given desktop computers laser printers to set up their computer requirements and helps the children with special needs and provide alternate teaching methods.

Amritsar, Punjab, India :

1. Goodwill Public school

The school has many students who belong to poor families and have no money even to buy uniform.

Gurbaksh supported the fees of the students and the uniforms besides the water cooler and other requirements of the school.

2. Dr earnest School
Dr earnest school is a free school where besides education alternate options of making families belonging to poor families start up their own livelihood by sewing etc.

They required laptops and iPads to which Chahal Foundation supported and also needed financial help for a widow, later which also was provided.

Blessings sent by Dr. Ernest Albert  : Read here

3. S D school Tarn Taran

The school has good no of students but no computer library and Gurbaksh committed setting up the same which is under process and also they required the sports Goods which were also committed.

One of the girls was introduced by principal who was very bright; Gurbaksh asked her about her dream and she said she wanted to become Doctor; Gurbaksh committed full scholarship for the girl besides giving her an individual laptop to pursue studies the video is uploaded on the page as well for the girl “Laadli”.

4. Shaheed Baba Deep Singh school, Pahukhand

The Shaheed Baba Deep Singh memorial school were given 10 desktops and 9 iPads to expand their school computer library setup with large no of students; Gurbaksh addressed the students and also shared the success mantra. There was question answer session also organized.

A very kind message and blessings came from the Chairman of Shaheed Baba Deep Singh School : Read here

Mumbai, India :

1.Magic Bus
Magic bus Org runs program for student to livelihood and wanted support for back end office like computers, printers etc which the foundation provided the Magic bus helps slums children to come out and get into main stream of studies.

2.Akanksha foundation
Akanksha foundation runs free school with government aid for children from slums. The school was given iPads for enabling teacher to teach the students with latest technologies.

Akanksha foundation also sent their blessings : Read here

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