Last Month I Saw My Parents For The First Time in 13 Years Through a Video Chat

Such a powerful and inspirational story of this guy from Tibet. While talking to “Humans Of Chandigarh” He said,

“Last month I saw my parents for the first time in 13 years through a video chat. I thought that they will tell me to come back to Tibet, but instead my mother said,

“Son, you don’t have to come back here. You keep on studying and serve the community from there. That way you will be able to help people around you…and we’ll be proud of you.”

I never thought that she will say something like this as this was the first time she had seen me face to face since my childhood. It made me disappointed, but at the same time it gave me strength to do more for my people because back in Tibet, we are not allowed to study about our own culture, we are bound to follow the Chinese culture and language- That’s why my parents don’t want me to grow in such a world, they sent me here to study, hoping for a better world in the future.”

He aspires to study modern psychology and Buddhist psychology. He is an active member of Students for a Free Tibet – India in Bangalore, which empowers youth for Tibet’s independence.

Source : Humans Of Chandigarh

We wish this guy a very good luck for his future, may god fulfill his dreams.

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