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Look Beyond And Not Back Says Sheroes Hangout A Cafe In Agra Run By Acid Attacked Victims

Cafe Name : Sheroes Hangout Café

Establishment : 10th December, 2014

Location: Oppsosite The Gateway Hotel (Taj View) Fatehabad Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

About “Sheroes Hangout Café”

sheroes hangout, acid attack stories, sheroes hangout agra, sheroes hangout address, sheroes hangout menu, acid attacked victims cafe, cafe in agra, acid attack cafe agra
sheroes hangout cafe

Two most amazing stories of the world lay together on the beautiful streets of Agra. Taj Mahal, which inspires us to live for the dead, and Sheroes Hang out café, that inspires us from living dead. The amazing concept if this café is a live example of confidence, courage, and inspiration to the world. If you think you are loaded with sorrows despite a good family and social circle, then what would you consider this team, who build a café on the bricks of their sorrows bringing the world of social sites together.

A team of acid attacked victims running a café in Agra convey to the world that opportunities do not knock at the door, but these are created by you at your doorstep. It is not easy to feel or describe the life of acid attacked victims. This café only hires staffs who have been victims of these incidents.

The café is the first of its kind in India and is fighting all odds to create a history of its own. All the victims had separate dreams that never got fulfilled and may not be, as life is not the same for them anymore. However, their confidence and inspiration is remarkable! This café has given them recognition that they couldn’t imagine of. The names of a few staff members already working in this café are; Ritu Saini, Rupa, Geeta, Neetu, and Dolly.

Motivational Factor

Drop an acid on a dead rat and I bet you would not be able to see the scene with your eyes open. Even though the rat is dead, the horrific scene of the melting of the skin will give you nightmares for weeks. Worse is the pain and torture of an acid attacked human victim, whose consequences lasts for a lifetime. The worse part of these incidents is that along with the unbearable and unimaginable pain, you are killed every second emotionally, physically, and mentally for years after the incident has taken place.

Hats off to the spirit of a café ran in Agra that hires only acid attacked victims. Many of us may not be able to face the looks of an acid attacked victim; however, it gives me goose bumps to imagine that these innocent victims are living with it and will live with it for their whole life.

Although, the acids are banned according to the nation’s law, these are illegally still traded and the number of attacks somewhere remains stagnant.

When I was asked to write a story on these victims, I thought this would be a typical mercy or sympathy gaining excuse; however, after feeling every single word while penning it down, tears could not stop flowing, as I realized that they do not need any sympathies. Rather, they have a message to share to the world that the beauty of your dreams does not lay on your face or skin; you need to keep the beauty of your dreams alive within.

Sometimes, we switch off moods to discuss these things over the table with friends or family; I don’t have words to describe from where these victims get the motivation as there is no one to talk to them or share their pain. Many of them even commit suicide with no hopes to live. It takes guts, courage, and tremendous faith to show to the world that we do not want your sympathy, but we just want to live like normal people with a normal job.

Trust me how difficult it is to even read the descriptions of acid attacked victims. It gives me great pride and a sense of amazing confidence to write about Sheroes Hangout Café, which has now become a hub for self-confidence and self-awakening. I now believe that it is so easy to crib about your job, financial status, family, relationship, and assets; however it is really difficult to realize the efforts of other people around you in your life.

The victims are the inspiration for future, not past…

_Shruti Sharma

I have learnt one thing now from this café and its staff members; nothing can make you bend down in life except for your own confidence. Prove it to yourself that you don’t need anyone, but just you. Forget all the worries and stress of life, gather yourself and stand up again to achieve your goals. You still have a blessed outer and inner beauty, learn to appreciate yourself and be thankful to the almighty for all that he has given to you. If you are still feeling low, browsing through a few pictures of this vibrant and vivacious café in Agra will break all the barriers for you

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