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Factana’s Inclusive Expansion Reflects Its Passion towards Growing Beyond Boundaries

Factana is an Industry 4.0 solution provider aiming to achieve Smart automation with a goal of ‘IoT for All’ through its Fogwing Industrial Cloud offering IIoT, MES and ACM offerings!

Bangalore, India / July 11th, 2022 – Globally recognized for its Industry 4.0 solutions, Factana Computing Inc, operates with a vision to facilitate SMBs adopt Industry 4.0 and embark on a journey of Digital Transformation. Factana, with its customer driver solutions equips enterprises of small and medium scale to modernize their infrastructure to solve various operational challenges, making businesses competitive in the global market.

With a mission to build technology for Human Wellbeing, Factana builds smart IoT solutions that enrich human experiences in running businesses. Factana works with its technology partners to deploy smart sensors, switches, gateway, edge computing devices and advanced information technology capabilities to meet the impeccable global standards of IoT solutions.

Factana’s Fogwing IIoT, SFactrix and Fogwing Asset+ are widely adopted by SMBs to acquire intelligent operable capabilities. Besides the technical wonder solutions that Factana offers, it is home to a passionate bunch of experts who excel in a plethora of realms, particularly, IoT engineering, AI and Data Sciences. The leadership team and founders bring together decades of experience and expertise to guide the team into delivering IoT solutions seamlessly.

Governed by a passion to grow beyond boundaries, Factana witnessed the opening of its second Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Chennai in June 2022. Factana’s ODC at Chennai was inaugurated by its founder who was accompanied by the leadership team, following a brief celebration. Factana ODC Chennai has officially been operating since a month drawing talented young minds to join the team in achieving mutual accolades.

The choice of expansion aims at incorporating an inclusive array of talents and expertise to further the innovation and development of smart solutions for Industry 4.0 enablement among enterprises. As is the quote, where there is a will, there is a way, Factana paves way to identify talent across regions to hop-in the journey of offering worldwide IoT technology to achieve Industry 4.0.

About Factana, as an Industrial IoT Company, it is with a mission of helping Small and Medium Enterprises achieve Industrial Transformation by leveraging Industrial IoT and Intelligence technologies. Fogwing IIoT Platform, Fogwing Asset+ and SFactrix MES are other products offered from Factana.

Start your IoT journey with Factana! Contact the Customer Success Team for more queries at info@factana.com or submit your query at https://www.fogwing.io/contact-us/

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