P.C. Musthafa, inspirational story of P.C. Musthafa, 100 Crore Company owner

A Glorious Journey from Coolie Son to Owned 100 Crore Company

‘’Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion for reaching for the stars to change the world.’’

-Harriet Tubman

P.C. Mustafa is a big example of this probe. He covered a glorious journey from a coolie son to owned 100 crore company. Now, he is recognized as ID (idli dosa) idspecial.com, Mustafa. He never-gave-up in front of problems whether it was the struggle of schooling days or starts a new business. As he was coolie’s son so that he decide to drop the schools and to try to earn something for his family! But, his maths teacher didn’t like that Mustafa drop the college and he encouraged Mustafa to join school once again!

He asked Mustafa would you like to become a teacher or want to be a cookie as his father. At that time, he think little and compare his father and teacher life and defiantly find teachers life better from his father so decide to study once again. And result in day come, and he secures the first position in the class in 10th standard in spite of facing lots of problems

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After meeting lots of ups and down in his life finally, he completed his engineering degree from REC College Calicut and got placed at Manhattan Associates, an Indian start-up in the US. After a few days of working at the start-up in Bangalore, I got an offer from Motorola. Now, for the first time in his life, he boarded a flight and went out of the country. After three months, he got an excellent offer from CitiBank. He jumped at it and moved to Dubai.

Life in Dubai :

In 1996, a salary in lakhs was quite something. And finally, he purchased the house for his parents! In 2003, after having lived in Dubai for so long, he decided to return to India. There were three reasons for the decision. He wanted to come back and spend time with his parents. He wanted to do something but had no idea what it would be.

P.C. Musthafa, inspirational story of P.C. Musthafa, 100 Crore Company owner
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Life’s Turning Point :

He came to back to India with savings of Rs 15 Lakhs. Finally, he decided to spend Rs 25,000 and start a company immediately. Five of us cousins — Nasser, Shamsu, Jaffer, Naushad and he — decided to join hands. They found a small place of around 550 square feet and started with two grinders, a mixer, and a sealing machine. They were discussing names when a cousin suggested ID for idli dosa. They called the venture ID Fresh as they planned to supply fresh dosa and idli batter. Today, they produce around 50,000 kg in our plant. The total investment must be around Rs 4 crore (Rs 40 million), and our revenue is Rs 100 crore (Rs 1 billion). When he recruits someone, he ensures he is from a rural area. He has to be smart, honest and committed. Those who work in the plant make around Rs 40,000 a month.

Aim in Future :

His aim is to make ID the most popular and trusted brand in the fresh food segment and make it Rs 1,000 crore (10 billion INR) company in the next five to six years. The three things that worked for him were that we were in the right city with the right product at the right time. Above story proves that success is not the slave of poverty. Anyone can achieve the dream if he/she has potential. So, become big dreamer & do hard work then definitely, success kissed your feet.

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