Abish Mathew Standup

Abish Mathew is one of the Stunning Standup Comedians of the Era

Watch him perform or die laughing, you have two choices! By his success story, Abish conveys to be bold to face the change and change to be bold.

Name: Abish Mathew

Date of Birth: 28th February, 1987

Profession: Standup Comedian

Place of Birth: India

YouTube Channel : Abish Mathew

About Abish Mathew:

Abish Mathew is a prominent Standup Comedian. He is widely known for his YouTube comedy channel and also for his work with All India Bakchod (AIB). He enjoys a fan following of more than 1,20,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. This guy may look crazy when you meet him, but you will laugh your guts off while interacting with him. He is crazy, humorous, funny, enjoys singing, dances, plays sport games and the guitar.

He also launched his own comedy show, Son of Abish. Talk about his energy to entertain you and you will fall into a thigh-slapping laughter mode. On the humor side, if he really did not have a childish face, you would have punched him for his jokes (laughs!). Do not mistake his personality with his age; he is one of the highly experienced and skilled comedians. His performances and shows are loaded with hilarious songs, punch lines, and comments.

Many people often mistake his humor with filth, but it takes guts to actually get roasted at first. His jokes are strongly recommended for adults and this is what is always mentioned at the beginning of his shows. He is an international icon in the world of comedy.

Abish began acting by mimicking his father’s behavior post while drinking. This stunned the audience and swept them off the floor. The way he cites his father’s drinking behavior, you will surely fall off your seat laughing till death.

Despite the allegations and controversies about his language/jokes, Abish has succeeded all comments by his critics. Comedy was a choice to him rather than an art and it only answers how much he enjoys the thrills of challenge. Even if you ask Abish about his feelings of being successful, he puts a smile and says; “There were no successful paths to follow in the industry here about five years ago, so we stand-up comics pretty much did what we thought was the best way to do the job and also be able to live off it.”

Milestones and Reviews:

  • Abish has been honored as the most popular person in the world of comedy.
  • He has also attained an award for the Best Young Communicator, 2010.
  • His witty nature of gossiping can inspire anyone to admire him.
  • Abish has performed humor at international level.
  • He has many more awards to come…
  • Forbes India listed Abish in their 30 under 30 2016 list this year.

Motivational Factor:

This guy surely has some guts in his belly to shake others from their seats. I have seen a few videos myself and all I can say is that it takes courage to make people laugh. We all are emotional but, more often we tend to keep a fake smile and the only blame I give for this situation is because we are refrained in the society to speak freely. We are living in a democratic country in the most humorous way, as to be honest; there is no freedom to even speak.

I agree there are critics who would criticize Abish’s language, but don’t we all use it when we are with friends. I am sure we all have a pause or stop button on our video options. The problem is there are two types of groups; one who will watch it for entertainment purpose and appreciate it; the second category is when people will watch the whole episode for fun and then criticize it. We all get influenced to adult stuff, but few people have the guts to admit it.

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The jokes by Abish are adult rated and is strongly meant for those who can handle it courageously. Although, I personally feel that every person has a limit to adapt to things, so those who cannot digest must ignore it gulping it. If he really had a bad image, his family would not shower so much of love on him. He is really happy with the fact that people actually pay to hear him out.

Although, Abish does not follow superlatives rigorously, he pays close attention to his scripts. It would boast by saying that he is one of the best comedians, but he is certainly one of the boldest comedians to take a stand and talk freely.

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