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Aditi Gupta Founded Menstrupedia : A Friendly guide To Help Girls and Women during Periods

India has always been the country of taboos but at the same time this land has given birth to rebels who never cared for the taboo. India was a country was status quo was respected but the contemporary generation is here to bring a paradigm shift.

Menstruation has always been epitome of taboos in India; people here have defied menstruation as one of those evil things we should never talk about in public.

The Rise of Menstrupedia:

Menstrupedia came to existence when it was required the most; Aditi Gupta along with her talented team built Menstrupedia step by step. The simple idea of breaking taboo and delivering information has made Menstrupedia a cry for the voiceless.

Today there are girls who have requisite information related to periods and are avoiding infection and other health concerns like a boss. Menstrupedia aims to every intricate information related to periods through varied medias like videos, songs, articles and press releases.

The beginning of journey:

Aditi was 12 years old when she experienced period for the first time. Abiding by old and new gods her mother made her bathe by two and half mug of water with a belief that the period would last only for two days.

With the advent of first period followed a jinxed experience. Aditi was constantly forced to follow a set of idiotic rules like do not sit on others bed and do not worship gods when on your period.

Being a modern youth Aditi was perplexed a desire to do something different was born in her. Aditi started her battle against the idea of being impure just because you are on your periods.

Forbes listed Aditi Gupta in their 30 under 30 list.

Breaking the Stereotyped Image:

We simply cannot let our women succeed in all facets of life if we don’t let them talk openly about their body. It is extremely important that women are allowed to talk about periods and about the problems they face because then only we will be able to help them. Aditi has advocated the thought of breaking the taboo and leveraging the modern day women with all the important information.

It is only by educating people that we can minimize sufferings and double the happiness!

The revenue model:

Menstrupedia is surely the best way of coming out with all guns and murdering the taboos but the support has been really vague. Only a handful of people have shown their interest in supporting the initiative while on the other readers are increasing day by day.

The married couple is still making ends meet on own. They are yet to devise a profitable revenue model and keep the initiative afloat. While there is a lack of fund but there is no lack of motivation to keep going and changing the world for better.

The future Plan:

Menstrupedia aims to reach every kid, teenager and women in the world; they look forward to empower the creed by leveraging them with the best of information. The empowered women will be able to lead a healthy life.

Menstrupedia aims to convert the contemporary comic series in 15 different languages and also publish content for worldwide audience. The motto lies in spreading the word and making the world aware of health issues. The Menstrupedia was started with the motto to abolish taboos but it has turned out to be one stop shop for health related knowledge.

How the world sees Menstrupedia?

For us Menstrupedia may be just another attempt but then there are millions of people whose lives have been impacted by this initiative. This initiative has changed the way people look at periods. Today women are more confident about their body and about the things they experience. Knowledge here has leveraged people with the power to do things that makes their lives easier and hassle free.

We bow and salute the efforts of Aditi Gupta; she has been a true inspiration for the modern women of the country. Her efforts have not only helped people know more about periods but has also inspired people to do things that makes the world a better place to live.

Forbes has named Aditi Gupta in the 30 influential lists; Aditi’s name in 30 influential personalities has inspired Indian women to dream big. The contemporary generation of women in India is better than all the previous generations. They are breaking taboos, defying stereotypes and are coming across as someone who aims to own the world instead of obeying it!

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