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Keval Shah Founder & CEO of Afleo Shares How Is Helping Other Start-ups to Progress

In today’s generation, people are more motivated towards being an entrepreneur and starting up their business ideas. People want to work beside someone hand to hand.  In today’s competitive world, every business wants to stand uniquely. Many Start-ups come up with the best business ideas but lack legal knowledge. Every organization has to concentrate on the legitimate part of their business. Legal services play a crucial role in every business organization. Being a start-up itself, wants to help other start-ups for beginning and growing their businesses by providing a right platform.

How did Afleo start?

Afleo came into existence when it’s founder & ceo Keval Shah notice that the entrepreneurs are facing significant problems in starting up their businesses. Entrepreneurs come up with business ideas but don’t know how to implement it. Although, they had a thorough knowledge of their start-ups, but lacked in acquiring legal entity knowledge.

Some traditional companies provided company registrations but didn’t have affordable solutions. They lacked expertise and knowledge because of which entrepreneurs are not sure to start with them. The other reason is they have limited reach and provide registrations at the high cost. So Mr. Keval Shah decided to start an online business helping Start-ups to register their companies and with many more legal services. This is cost friendly and has already gained a more extensive range too.

How Afleo works?

Having a legal base is essential for the start-ups, so the first thing entrepreneurs start up with is registering their business. The worst scenario that, they might face is where exactly they shall register? Afleo is dedicated to all the start-ups in India. It provides various legal services such as Trademark Registration, Company Registration, GST Registration, GST Consultation, Annual Compliance of Companies, Intellectual Property Rights and various other services such as FSSAI Registration; Income Tax Returns, MSME Registration, Digital Signature Certificate, and Import Export Code.

Afleo started with the idea that doing business in India should be easy. Therefore, they have a team of 100+ professionals including Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountant, Chartered Engineers Lawyers and Bankers all under one roof, by making it easier to do the business.

How it encourages Women Entrepreneurs?

Somewhere women hesitant while taking up a business task. Afleo offers complete support and encourages all the Women Entrepreneur believing that they can set their mark in many fields. Afleo help to boost their business, by providing them company registrations for free.

Challenges faced

The market has currently switched from traditional paperwork to digital medium. The biggest challenge Afleo presently facing is that the customers are unable to adapt to the thought of the sudden market change and has trust issues with the new change in the market.

Afleo Funding

Instead of depending on crowd funding, Afleo had chosen to rely on a simple method of self-funding. Afleo have helped 50+ companies across India to incorporate their own business including Private Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership. They have retained 60-70% clients and are serving them for their CA and CS requirements.

Future Goals

Start-ups & Entrepreneur face tons of problems legally. Afleo aims to provide the best customer service and to keep their hand throughout the business cycle. Currently, they are incorporating with 25-30 start-ups per month and planning to increase the number and provide services which will also help common man too.

They are majority conducting their online business through digital platforms and focusing on the faster-growing use of technology in this field. They are also expecting an expansion of their business in various metropolitan cities. As people dream for their start-ups, we want to help, them to turn into reality.

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