Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh

Inspirational Life Story of 96 Year Old The First Indian Air Chief Marshal Sardar Arjan Singh

Sardar Arjan Singh the Air Chief Marshal was born in Faislabad, Pakistan and led Indian air Force into war against Pakistan during 1965. The simple fact that he stood for Nation against his birthplace tells a lot about his love for the country.

Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh is the only person in the history of India to be promoted up to 5 star rank, which is apparently equal to Field Marshal. He is also the first ever Air Marshal to lead Indian Air Force into a war during 1965. He is a prestigious page of glorious history Indian Air Force has jotted down over the years.

Marshal of the Indian Air Force, Arjan Singh was born in British India on 15 May 1919. His father has contributed to the World War I and Arjan Singh served in the World War II. In the contemporary India, Arjan Singh is the only alive Field Marshal.

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Leading India into the first ever war:

Since the time of partition, Pakistan was acting ignorant and their audacity was provoking Indian government and defense ministry to take action against them. Everything was settled during the war of 1965. It was the first ever war between the two countries. Pakistan had to face a humiliating defeat and had to later surrender to Indian Army.

Arjan Singh was the man who led Indian Air Force the first ever war of Independent India. His experience from World War II and his unique abilities had helped him acquire the best of ranks while his on site skills made him a success at the battleground. Arjan Singh had everything it took to lead a diverse country like India into the first ever war with a neighboring country.

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Serving the nation with pride:

Arjan Singh is a strong man; he has the courage of steel and an indomitable determination, if time demands he is ready to return to the battle ground even today at the age of 96. He was last seen on the funeral of Former President APJ Abdul Kalam. Arjan Singh commanded huge respect for President Kalam. Arjan Singh was witnessed rising from his seat and saluting the dead body of the former President. The whole nation cried for the death of APJ Abdul Kalam and also had tears of Pride for Arjan Singh; it was an exquisite scene no true Indian will forget, ever!

Arjan Singh has served Indian Air Force from 1938-1969, during his tenure he was promoted varied times and also had the privilege of leading the giant country into the first ever war.

He is the only alive Five Star Rank holder officer and he will considered as an officer on service till he die. Indian Officers with Five Star Rank are considered to be on service till they die hence they are respected and are provided with all the services and amenities. Arjan Singh was promoted to Five Star Rank in 2002.

Awards and Recognition:

  • He was awarded with Padma Vibhushan in 1965 for leading India into its first ever war and for winning it.
  • General Service Medal in 1947
  • Raksha Medal
  • Sainya Seva Medal
  • Indian Independence Medal
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Burma Star
  • Indian Service Medal and Many More.

How does Arjan Singh inspire the contemporary generation?

The simple fact that Arjan Singh led Indian Air Force against a country in 1965 war, where he was born spews great courage and inspiration to the coming generation of fighters and soldiers. Arjan Singh commanded great respect wherever he went because of his firm belief in Indian Constitution and its Sovereignty.

Arjan Singh as a leader has inspired generations; he fought World War II, 1965 and also commanded India at varied stages on site and off site. His contribution is irreparable and incomparable.

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The age of 96 and indomitable Soldier’s Salute

Last year when the former President Kalam died, Arjan Singh was there to salute his soulless body. He stood from his “wheel chair” and give a salute that made the whole country cry and swell with pride at the same time. This one soldier is 96 years old but the courage, respect and discipline he carries is awe-inspiring.

Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh is now 97 years of age and everyone in the country wants him to complete his century and leverage Mother India with its first Five Star Rank officer who lived and served the country for one complete century.

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