Alisha Abdullah : India’s First Female Racing Champion

Gone are the days when Indian girls aimed to grow into an exquisite homemaker, today they are breaking monotonies. Indian females have started rewriting the rules, be it Priyanka Chopra who won the heart of international media, Sania Mirza who build a world record with her doubles partner or the prettiest Alisha Abdullah who happens to be India’s first female national racing champion.

Alisha Abdullah looks like a Super Model but she is more than a mannequin who represents the work of an artist. Alisha Abdullah is a blessing in disguise for a country like India; she is vocal and very much impressive. Her performance on the racing track and her media presence has helped India come across as a strong nation.

The Stepping Stones:

The 26-year-old Racing Champion was born in Chennai, India on 24th July 1989; Alisha was aligned towards racing since beginning. She went for go-karting at an early age of 9 years. She won a few go-kart races by the time she grew 11 years in age.

She also won the prestigious MRF National Go-Karting Championship at an early age of 13 years; since then she has been on a roll.

“I am too competitive to date a Racer”

Alisha Abdullah lady racer
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Battling it with the Boys out there:

We already respect her for the things she has achieved but what makes her a role model is her attitude towards gender-based discrimination or gender based biasedness. Alisha has always been the one who counted everyone as equals. She has always tried to rank number one; never bothering about the opponents she is racing with. There have been times when she stood seventh but there’s been a dull moment about losing to a guy. Her losses have always filled with the spark to do better and better.

The Supporting Parents:

Alisha has not traveled all these stairs to success alone; her father has stood her as staunchest critic and biggest support. She remembers how amazed she was when her dad gifted her a 260 KG bike. Her father never discriminated and has always inspired her to do better in life.

The International Competition:

Alisha has always been keen about winning and this has leveraged her with enough moments where she had to battle against international player. Alisha is true to herself and she admits that Foreign female players are stronger when compared to female athletes and racers from India. Her bold and outgrown attitude has helped her push the limit and win a lot of tough battles. Alisha is someone who never gives up; she has always been working hard, she still trains and ensures that she understands the game better.

The Trophy Rack:

The impressive career is not full of metaphors; there are few prestigious awards, rewards and positions in the satchel as well:

  • Finished third at JK National Superbike Championship-2009
  • Finished 8th at Volkswagen National Championship-2012
  • National Road Racing Championship UCAL-2008
  • Rotary’s Young Achiever Award-2008

Racing with the Best:

Volkswagen is the current company she races for. Volkswagen has been an important part of her racing career. Alisha has done really well at National and International Events since she started working with Volkswagen.

On the Big Screen:

Alisha’s exquisite looks have helped in bagging few roles on the big screen. She has been a part of two feature films.

Movies she has been a part of are:

  • Irumbu Kuthirai as a female biker gangster
  • Saithan—the movie is still under production

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