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Amisha Sethi – Trading in the Boardroom for Spirituality

With start-ups being the buzzword in the business scene, there are many of them specializing in e-commerce, m-commerce, technology, or IoT. But here is a startup lady who specializes in the business of spreading love and happiness. Fourteen years into her a career and at the peak as a global marketing leader, Amisha Sethi traded in her corporate life and its associated stress and rigidity for her passion of writing, speaking to people, and consulting.

The former chief commercial officer at AirAsia shares, “Becoming a successful corporate leader was amazingly easy as compared to tread a path of truly doing what you want to do every moment. There was a point in my corporate career that I wanted to something I had always wanted to do – to write. ‘It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice’ was written with a purpose of spreading love and kindness, qualities that you rarely come across in the corporate boardrooms. The writing process also miraculously opened the door for me to connect with people not just through my writing but also talking.”

Amisha’s debut book had her do extensive research in ancient Indian scriptures and also sparked her journey into spirituality, “There are certain realizations in life that comes effortlessly – my venture into the path of divinity and pristine thoughts occurred as a natural progression as I delved deeper into these treasure troves of ancient texts. It made me contemplate my own life and made want to taste the nectar of holistic well being and a live a life of goodness and compassion as those of yore did.”

These experiences have since guided Amisha along to be more than a corporate bigwig – she is now a motivational speaker while also being a freelance marketing consultant, and working on her second book. In her current multiple roles, Amisha straddles a lot more responsibilities than she did while working and managing her family but feels she would not trade it for anything else. “The love I have received while doing my workshops is ostensibly higher than the appreciation I would have ever gotten in my corporate career. I am still very much working as a global marketing consultant but that does not stop me from jumping into meditation even at 11am in the morning or conducting a workshop at 1pm and then writing endlessly at 4pm or heading out for a run at 6pm and then working through the night. No one decides my life’s calendar but me.”

The World Women Leadership Congress Young Rising Star 2014 award winner looks back on the corporate world and muses on the breathless run for results when the quality of life has been compromised, “I recalling giving an interview for a senior role sometime back and the interviewer was quite aggressive in pointing out that if I was hired for the role, I had to focus only on the work and quit my extracurricular activities. I burst into laughter and told the person that I was not their slave and I would do what I feel like, and that they may not relate to me now but will definitely will do so someday. Needless to say, I did not hear from them and I am all the happier for it!”

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About Amisha Sethi

A global marketing leader and bestselling author, Amisha Sethi is also an international motivational speaker who infuses her live sessions with a dash of comedy.

Amisha has over 14 years of experience in brand marketing, strategy, and international consumer marketing. Her corporate stints include being the global CMO for a software MNC, chief commercial officer at AirAsia, Director of Brand Marketing (Asia) for BlackBerry, and telecoms giant Airtel. Amisha has also won a number of awards and accolades in recognition of her marketing work in the Asia-Pacific region, including the following:

  • 2015: Women Leadership Award (Corporate Excellence), Amity Business School
  • 2014: Young Rising Star Award, World Women Leadership Congress
  • 2013: Top 50 Most Talented Brand Builders of India, Brand Leadership Awards
  • 2013: Asian Young Women Business Leadership Award
  • 2013: Indira Marketing Excellence Award
  • 2012: Star Youth Achievers Award, Global Youth Marketing Forum

Besides her corporate achievements, Amisha’s extensive research in ancient scriptures resulted in her debut spiritual entertainer book, ‘It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice’, which was received with critical acclaim. On social media, she is also a force to be reckoned with – she was featured as one of the most influential power profiles of 2015 and has over 10,000 followers on Facebook.

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Amisha is an alumnus of Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago, holds an MBA from Amity Business School, and is a science graduate from Delhi University. The mother of one resides in Bangalore with her family.

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Story Submitted by : Shah Jahan  Senior Manager, Client Servicing, Communication Strategies

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