Amshu Chukki Video Artist

Amshu Chukki is one of the Youngest Inspiring Video Artists in India

‘Aim for the stars and stay grounded’ is what Anshu Chukki conveys through his successful career in video art and painting. You will learn patience, passion, and dedication through his life story.

Name: Amshu Chukki

Birth Year: 1991

Location: Baroda

Profession: Video Artist and Co-Founder of Chatterjee & Lal, Art Gallery in Mumbai

About Amshu Chukki:

Amshu Chukki is a passionate fanatic who specializes in video art. He has keen interest in cinema and film-making. He has graduated in the subject of painting, MS University of Baroda. The Chatterjee & Lal art gallery inaugurated in Mumbai represents Chukki’s artwork only. Apart from painting, he also specializes in videos, installations, photographic prints, and other in-corporative narrations and structures of film making. His work, the ‘Mountain Man’ is commendable that took art to a different level altogether.

Amshu was bewitched in painting during his college days itself. However, video making dragged his attention to a different level in the world of painting. His keen interest in video art also made him a member of the college film club, while he was studying. Currently, he works for a number of people, shoots videos and making editions on these videos by his own creativity in the editing software. His experience, talent, and efforts are evident in his paintings, visuals, prints, and videos.

Being one of the youngest artists of India, Anshu holds a special place in the field of arts. Many people look up to him for his host of achievements at a young age. He keeps high hopes from his own career goals and strives hard for it.

Appreciations and Achievements by Amshu Chukki:

Forbes India #30under30 : What drives video artist Amshu Chukki View the complete list here:

Posted by Forbes India on Monday, February 8, 2016

  • He won the Gujrat State Lalit Kala award for painting during the 50th State Art Exhibition
  • He also received the Nasreen Mohammadi Award for the best display, 2010-2011
  • Kalpana Reddy Memorial Award in Photography, Bachelors of Visual Arts
  • INLAKS Fine Arts Award, 2014
  • After displaying his talent in various places, Amshu is currently working with some amazing artists at St.Moritz, Switzerland and the KHOJ International Workshop, Pune

Motivational Factor:

We all have abundant talent, but sometimes; the lack of confidence departs us from achieving our goals. In one of his interviews, Amshu Chukki passes a motivational message; “I like to work with fiction that originates from spaces. Sometimes, when a space has stopped existing, or has changed entirely, it exists only in the minds of people, or in fiction.” Chukki strongly influences people to continue dreaming, even if the Universe starts changing the scenarios in life.

Chukki is inspiring people by his thoughtful and innovative ideas of storytelling through video art. He is a great artist who expresses his emotions through painting than his words and gestures. Although, I am not really good at art, having an interest in sketching makes me relate to Chukki’s passion for these subjects.

Chukki has a different flair for painting. His style of videos, drawing, and painting cannot be copied or adapted easily. Despite the fact, that he still aims for high goals and does not consider himself successful, his fan following is amazing. Personally, I love his art and it only motivates me to focus on the better things in life. What can be better than bringing colors and adding emotions to your life through your art?

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I remember painting is the first thing that we learn while we are enrolled for kindergarten. We are exposed to colors and there is a broad smile that brings glow on our face. Slowly, the smile fades as the color of money takes over our real fun of life. I truly believe that we all must revise those childhood memories and bring new by coloring with kids, at least once during weekends.

It will be unwise for me to share bigger talks about the field that I do not excel at, but, as an art lover I can comment that artists like Amshu Chukki bring a reformation in people’s life by their thoughts. The life of an artist is not as easy as it seems. It is a mind game and sometimes, the mind plays with you.

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In life, if you ever face any challenging situation, start putting it on a piece of paper. Your thoughts on paper look more beautiful and simple than what you consider keeping them in mind. Trust me, the solution is just a pen away!

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