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Anand Krishna Mishra : 11 Year Old Boy Builds the Future of Slum Kids in his Bal Choupal

Says who, you need qualifications to become a teacher? This article explains how a child understands the meaning of spreading education, rather making education a business!

Name: Anand Krishna Mishra

Lives in : Lucknow, UP

The Surprising Facts about Anand Krishna Mishra:

The story of this young little boy maybe small, due to his fewer experiences of life, but the meaning behind his life is just so deep. Anand was only in class 4 when he went on a vacation with his parents to Mumbai. He saw a little boy from slum showing keen interest to study. When his parents asked to give him a favor, he urged for books. It was that time when Anand realized that there are so many kids who value education, but can’t afford it.

The incident took place in his heart and since then, he started running a small “Bal Choupal”, where he trains the underprivileged children. He has also spread the importance of education in various families by slogans like; ‘Chalo Behan, School Chalo’, and Chalo Padho Abhiyan.’

Achievements and Rewards:

I would not like to speak much about Anand’s achievements, as he himself is an award to this nation. One of the amazing facts about Anand is that he begins his teaching with songs like Hum Honge Kaamyaab and National Anthem. He believes that by singing patriotic songs to the slum kids will help him to bring social values in the children and make them responsible citizens of our country.

Many matured people keep dreaming about receiving awards from the National Committees, but Anand received honors like Satyapath Bal Ratan and Seva Ratna for his amazing diligence of imparting knowledge in slum kids.

Motivational Factor:

I don’t know how many of us have watched this TV Soap, ‘CHAKOR’. This boy’s thought process reminds me of the same. How many of us have actually thought of this idea, or we may have thought, but never implemented it? This little boy’s thought itself is more than enough to change the world. I believe he is a chosen one from gods. It literally gave me goosebumps to realize the purity of his heart and mind. At his age, I am sure many of us were engaged in kiddie fights and pranks.

Anand is so young by age, but so matured by his thoughts. I salute to parents like Anand’s, who have inculcated such values in him and moreover, encouraged him to think good of others. We often teach our children not to share their things with anyone else in the school and somewhere, they grow up with the same thoughts.

I have a daughter who is 8. She is very much keen to serve water to the street cats and dogs. However, with the fear of aggressive street animals, I generally stop her from doing so. Her sad smile was never understood by me and I assumed it to be a betrayal for not listening to me. After reading about Anand Mishra, I realized today that it was my daughter’s inner wish that she kills and that reflects on her face. It is our duty to encourage the good deeds and good habits of our children rather killing it within them and being responsible in the later stages of life. One thing that I realized being a parent was that it is my lookout to protect and guide my child instead of blaming the animals for being aggressive.

I cannot express how thankful I am to Anand’s parents to have made me realize the importance of encouragement and guidance for our children; it is not too late for me to implement it in my kid. Anan’d objective to the world is simple but very strong to accomplish. He is making a base on which the nation’s future will be built. If I could educate at least one underprivileged child or ask my daughter to do so, I would feel that I have understood Anand well.

Difficulties may arise in everyone’s lives, but it gives a great level of inner peace by helping others. A packet of biscuit given to the slum kid will last for a limited period, but the education imparted in him will last for a lifetime. I hope Anand gets more volunteers to fulfill his dream of seeing a better nation. My respect, salute and best wishes with this amazing boy who has strong wings to fly high.

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