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Anubhav Wadhwa : The 16-Year-Old Boy Who Found a Way of Recycling Tyres For Reuse To Save The Planet

Internet gaming, chatting and cheering for Indian Cricket Team were the only things we did when we were 16 but then there’s this inspirational boy, who at the age of 16 has started changing the world for better.

Anubhav Wadhwa is the 16-year-old boy who found a way of recycling Tyres for reuse. Anubhav Wadhwa aims to inspire people to dream of a sustainable future. His effort and innovation has helped him raise the requisite awareness.

Anubhav Wadhwa rose to fame when he started Tyrelessly—a company that recycles tires—at the age of 16. The enterprise has raised substantial awareness and has inspired people to be a part of the cause.

The Inspiring story behind Anubhav Wadhwa:

Anubhav Wadhwa just another teen likes all of us until one day, when he saw someone putting a used tire on fire. The curiosity to know what happens to all the used and rugged tires made him look for it on the Internet. Internet opened a whole new world of revelations to Anubhav and soon the curiosity was replaced by a concern.

The simple fact that all the used and rugged tires were burnt made Anubhav contemplate the harm it is causing to our environment. He grew concerned about the usages of tires and how burning them down when out of order will impact the environment.

When Anubhav learnt about the toxic gases that were released on burning tires, he grew extremely concerned and decided to leverage the world with an alternative.

How Tyrelessly Works?

Like any typical startup venture Tyrelessly also follows a unique paradigm. They have developed an one stop door in form of their website. People can use the site for requesting pickup of old and rugged tires. The old and rugged tires are then sent to industry where they are recycled.

The Pyrolysis procedure ensures that the important ingredients and chemicals are extracted from the old and used tire. These chemicals and ingredients can be later used for creating steel, fuel oil and other important things.

The venture was started on 15th December 2015, for now the whole task and business development procedures are managed from Delhi but they have plans of expanding sooner. Tyrelessly for sure has leveraged the contemporary world with an alternative and people from remotest corners of the country are making the best use of it.

How Tyrelessly is going to help in the long run?

If you look intricately to the cause, way of recycling and the use of recycled products you will understand the benefits. The simple fact that Tyrelessly discourages people to burn tire saves the environment from toxic gases. The simple fact that tires are being treated to produce other important items like fuel and steel will put less pressure on extraction.

By not burning and by recycling we are making efficient use of the Reusable concept and we are moving towards a healthier and happier world; lesser the amount of toxic elements in air lesser the diseases and health hazards.

The Struggle of Anubhav Wadhwa!

Anubhav is just not another school going kid; he is an entrepreneur, socialist, web programmer, data analyst and more. Anubhav starts his day at 6:30 am and comes back home from school at 5 pm. He starts his entrepreneurial pursuit at 5 and ensures that he is changing the world for better.

Being someone who is looked upon too adds pressure. He has been handling things really well. He also heads an IT venture and plays a key role in assisting his teachers with projects and school management.

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The revenue model of Tyrelessly?

The possibilities of generating good revenue in social enterprises are always low. The innovative and dynamic Anubhav has found a potential revenue model for his social venture. He aims to make the site popular in coming times and generate revenue by selling ad space after of that he is also focusing on introducing recycled product in the market and make money from it.

The changed paradigms are going to challenge Anubhav but an entrepreneur with an indomitable will make things possible.

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What we think of Anubhav Wadhwa?

Anubhav Wadhwa is not unique he is extraordinary. He is one of those few who make use of knowledge, time and available resources. He has raised no funds, he has won no awards but that is not stopping from going and doing what he always wanted to do.
Anubhav Wadhwa is an inspiration for you, me and everyone else on this planet. We need to start looking for alternatives and adopt a sustainable way of life.

For more details about Tyrelessly and Anubhav you can visit : |

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