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Meet 9 years Old Apple’s iOS App Developer – Anvitha Vijay

The success story of Anvitha is stunning, inspiring, and will teach you many things from this little girl.

Name: Anvitha Vijay

Age: 9

Origin: India

Place of Birth: Australia

About Anvitha Vijay An iOS App Developer:

This little nine year old girl has earned more than a 60 year old person. Anvitha Vijay is apple’s iOS app developer, She has developed several apps for iPhone and iPad. Anvitha Vijay is from Australia and a report in Fortune mentioned that she is the youngest app developer, who is the attendee of WWDC 2016, San Francisco.

Vijay has been spending a lot of time on YouTube and web watching videos on programming. Initially, she found coding to be very challenging, but slowly she learnt everything excitedly. Anvitha concentrates on developing apps for children. She met tech giant Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook.

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She answers in her words (report; “It’s my dream to go to WWDC and meet Tim Cook.” She is among those chosen ones who get the tickets to attend the WWDC event. Out of 350 participants yearly, 120 under 18 attend the functions. Fortune magazine stated that the number of women participants has increased comparatively.

Here are a few more words by Avanthi; “Turning an idea for an app involves a lot of hard work. There are so many components to building an app, including prototyping, design and wire-framing, user interface design and then coding and testing.” It is glad to know that WWDC does not follow racism and biasness of any sort any more. In fact, they are trying hard to diversify the event and allow more attendance.

To share a fact about her discoveries, Anvitha developed an app which was very much loved by her toddler sister. The app built by her helped her sister to learn to talk and also recognize animals. Anvitha’s first app was the Smartkins Animals app, which consists of sounds and flashcards to teach children.(report

Motivational Factor:

If at this age, she is reaching this height, I can sense the level of her success. I wouldn’t say it is all a matter of luck, I also believe that it is the parents’ efforts, who set kids free to learn on their own and build a future of their own. Parents have started realizing the importance of practical studies. Honestly, somewhere the education system and in the increasing expense of schooling is becoming sick. Anvitha is not an engineer, but she needed no excuse to become one, without completing her education.

A little girl is passing a message on how to pursue your goals. If you wish to be a scientist, you don’t have to wait for ages to make your discovery. If a little thought can build houses on mountains, then technology is man-made and easy to build. I admire Anvitha’s parents for the support they are giving her.

It is highly important to trust your children. Being a mother, I can tell you that building trust in your children during their childhood is most essential. If you do that, you will eventually win their trust forever! Anvitha is not only shaping her own future, but also reflecting the trust given by her parents.

She is young by age, but not by brain. In one of her interviews with USA Today, she said how immature she still finds herself towards coding. As per her, there is so much to learn about coding that she feels she has just touched the tip of an iceberg and there is a long way to go. Well, I don’t deny this fact either; she really has a good successful career ahead.

If you are still thinking of various excuses to prove Anvitha’s situation right, and finding reasons for your inability to do things, then you need to rethink! We all are blessed with a special quality in us gifted by the almighty. Some people find it soon, some take time. You don’t have to be a pro to polish that hidden quality within you; you just need focus and determination. It is exactly what Anvitha has done to pursue her dream.

Think over, if Anvitha can learn coding at the age of 7 and think like an adult, then we are already one… My best wishes are with this little champ and hope she succeeds in everything that she wishes to. As a parent, I would also like to praise her parents, who have equally contributed in her achievements. Hope you liked this story and received some motivation from it.

Header image credit : The Australian

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