“ARTPANDORA : An Amazing Platform To Buy or Sell Art” Shares Their Story

Q. How and when did you you start & What motivated you to start Artpandora ?

The founders of ARTPANDORA for the last couple of years have been helping there friends sell art at various art fairs. On Jan 4th 2015, at Chitra Santhe Bangalore’s annual art fair conducted by Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishath they met Mr.Loknath Gosh who traveled all the way from Kolkata to showcase his work in spite of not having a stall. This ignited a passion in them to create a platform for artists to showcase their work.

On the other hand first time art buyers and not regular art buyers do not know where to purchase art, usually ending up buying from social references or by paying a high price at art galleries.
Hence, the platform that promotes art ensuring afford-ability and providing easy access of art for all.

Q. What solutions does your business provide and How is it different from your existing competitors?

Most/All the existing platforms work as an online art gallery.We have minimized the entire process, maximizing the profitability to artist and art buyer.
We follow the mantra “Target an existing market in a better, faster cheaper way; Don’t evangelize a new product for a new market unless you have oodles of cash and luck!

Q. Is it a unique idea ? How is your solution an innovative one ?

Most platforms promote to be online market place for art but they actually do not function that way.The mostly function as galleries with online presence. ArtPandora democratizes art giving the pricing power right to the artist and removing the middle man commission,making Art Affordable. Hence squashing the assumption “Art Is For the Rich”. Indian art market is valued at around Rs.1000 cr the top 40% artists consume 60% of this market, ArtPandora is a platform focusing on work of 60% artists mainly amateur and professional amateur artists. Hence you can find art starting from Rs.900 on our platform.

The Art buyer as options to earn from the art purchased. Along with

Art Exchange Program: Allows buyer to put up the art for exchange when they decide to want a change in decor.

Art Resale Program: Allows buyer to resell art at good prices. Also, includes ‘Art Resell Bid’ option.

Q. Please share a bit about founders’ story, struggle, challenges and mentors

Arjun G N
A leader from a very young age; sports captain in high school. An entrepreneur by thought and action.First attempt to start a company at 22 in 2008. Ventured into event management;in 2011 started south Bangalore’s biggest cafe Mockaholic; in 2014 started an infotainment platform snooze when OLA was still functioning on call and UBER didn’t exist in India. Currently fully focused on ensuring India Buy’s Art. I encourage entrepreneurship , enabling entrepreneurs realize their dream through my company Tudo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. A company that encourages rural talent training them to build amazing products.

An  inspiration for many fighting chronic AS.

Captain Karthik Shankar
Known for his communication skills he will mesmerize the customer with his capability to communicate and narrate. An engineer by degree a captain by passion and setting up renewable energy by profession.

Part of Mockaholic, Snooze and ArtPandora the founders are friends from L.K.G. and proud “cottonians”.

Other Key Members Of Team :

Rashmi Hirigarje
Amateur artists and interior designer.
An engineer by education she followed her liking towards creativity by entering into the domain on interior designing she specializes in designing restaurants and cafes.

Marisha Peter
Professional artist very well know for art style in charcoal. Internationally known as ‘Gray matters Marisha”.Her art is displayed in various international events including WHO’s international labour event held in Malaysia.

Aarthi Bagai,
Art curator and rural art promoter. The lines drawn closely Aarthi Mam also started curating art after having witnessed the struggle amateur and professionally amateur artists face.


Q. Please mention if you’ve received funds.

We have been incubated at founder’s institute.

Q. Where would you like to see your startup in the next 5 years ?

5 years is too small an aim we asked ourself if we can run this for 20 years and we said “Hell Yeah!”.

5 years we want to have the same number of followers as artparasite. Be the instagram of ART!!

We aim to reach a stage where everyone says “If its Art its gotta be ARTPANDORA.”

For more details you can visit their website : 
ArtPandora: let’s Make Art A Phenomenon. A Product Of Tudo Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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