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Aruna Jayanthi puts Indian Women in the limelight with her Contribution to IT Industry

Aruna Jayanthi life story

Western countries have slapped us Indians with the idea that we need Women Empowerment but a quick strike through our history and the world will understand, how diverse and colorful India has always been.

Indian women have not only commanded the most respected position in the country but have also showcased great cutlery, financial and management skills through every stint of time.

Aruna Jayanthi is yet another example of how empowered women is in India. Aruna Jayanthi commanded the highest seat at the board meetings of Capgemini India and proved to the world how very talented and liberated Indian women are.

Who is Aruna Jayanthi and what makes her a role model?

Aruna Jayanthi was born in 1964 and completed her management studies from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. From being a management student to being the CEO of France based company that employees 47000 people in India is surely some achievement worth talking about.

Aruna Jayanthi commanded the position of CEO at the Capgemini India from January 2011 till January 2016. India is one of the biggest units of Capgemini from around the world. Consulting and Information Technology process makes the most of Capgemini work in India. Hiring quality technical talent along with management talent has led to the huge success of Capgemini in India.

Contribution of Aruna Jayanthi as the CEO of Capgemini?

When Aruna took the charge of Capgemini India as the CEO, the company was dealing only in few verticals. It was under her regime that company expanded its foot and boasted services like Outsourcing, consulting and technologies in India. Aruna worked intricately on the business development aspects and helped the enterprise acquire the best of reputation in Indian and Global Market.

In last 7 years Capgemini has made some serious progress in India. They happen to be one of the few companies who hire more than 5000 fresher every year. Capgemini not only works with the motion of outsourcing but they tend to utilize the indigenous potential to the core.

Aruna has also worked as Global Delivery officer for Capgemini and she ensured that only best quality was delivered. Her contribution as quality officer has helped enterprise acquire some of the best contracts.

Awards and Achievement:

Amount of respect she commands and amount of love Indian youth showers her with is way more valuable than recognitions she has acquired over the time. Here’s a list of awards and achievements for her contribution to the IT industry.

  • Aruna Jayanthi was ranked the 3rd most powerful business woman in 2012 by Forbes
  • Aruna Jayanthi was ranked the 4th most powerful business woman in 2011 by Forbes
  • She found prominent place in Business Today’s list of Most Powerful Business Women for consecutive years 2011 and 2012
  • India Today felicitated Aruna with the award of Woman in the Corporate World in 2013
  • Aruna is also the Executive council member of reputed NASSCOM

How Aruna has made India proud?

Working as Quality Officer and handling other positions in IT Industry for more than 15 years, she focused on establishing India and Indian engineers as the best alternative.

India’s late entry into the world of IT did impacted its growth but then contributors like Aruna have helped the country buckle up. Today India is the hub for all IT recruiters and we all know very efficient and professional we are as coders.

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Is Aruna really an empowered woman?

Aruna is not only an empowered woman but also the right role model every girl in India should follow. Aruna not just worked hard but broke stereotypes, monotonies and caricatures to be there. Aruna inspired women like never before when she was declared as the 3rd most powerful women in Business by Forbes in 2012.

“Women Should Stand up to Family and Social Pressure”

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How do we see Aruna?

We at The Viral Indian Diary see Aruna as a change maker. In the coming times people may forget terms like women empowerment and breaking stereotypes but the name of Aruna Jayanthi will echo like never before. Aruna is one of the first women who have helped India acquire fame and respect at global stature. Her contribution to IT industry in last 27 years not only talks about success and challenges but also about how strong and how prepared India women are for challenges and success, respectively.

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