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Meet Bhumi Shah, Founder of “ – web design and development Help and Tutorials”, Shares Her Motivational Story

Q. Please introduce yourself.

I am Bhumi Shah, I have completed BEIT and working as Developer in leading IT company. I am from Ahmedabad, Gujrat. After completing BE, I joined the leading IT Company as Developer for full time job and joined as a lecturer in PHP training institution as a part-time job. That was not enough for me to grow myself so I started a technology blog. I am sharing technical solutions to my readers from last 6 years and working as IT engineer in leading IT company from 8 years.

Q. When and How did you think about this startup/blog?

When I was fresher while learning php and other web technologies I used to surf a lot. During that time the articles used to explain things in a brief but they did not provide much of examples. It was really tough for me. So when a thought appeared to me to start my own website I decided to write all posts with clear-cut examples. I have started my website in 2012 with the goal of sharing quality of knowledge.

My Family is from a non-entrepreneur background. Definitely if I would have someone from entrepreneur background it would have helped me understand business scenarios very fast. But my journey was like ‘learn and go’. As I developed the blog, I went on learning new things, different ways of generating revenues, identify the interests of my readers and so on.

So I would say my blog is not only good for experienced professionals but it is equally fruitful for enthusiastic developers who want to learn something by themselves.

I am seeing so many young people abandoning all of their dreams just simply because they don’t have guts to work harder or get out of their life comfort zone. Like me when i was  dragged down by reality when i started working,I was overthinking about the possibility that i will not survive, i will not be successful and i will not become a person l always dreamed to be.I took time to figure out the problem and why it happens. Initially i was shocked by the truth that i just opened the door to the world of unknown which is scare the hell out of me. Sometimes thought was “How will i survive, may be i just wasting  my time. I should sell this website and find another thing. This is not my destiny”  and all the negative thoughts.

It wasn’t easy for me to get out of that negative zone. But i managed to remind myself the excitement and beauty of sharing new things and the feeling that i experience while i am writing the code.I know people are all happy when writing code and sometime got stuck. This is the best way to give solutions of code to the other developers. Now, it is like no matter it take but i am keep doing it. I continue to learn  something new day by day. The things that seems to be impossible for me before then become easy. That’s the point of my websites. My goal is to get more women who code in this country. I always push myself by remembering “Don’t die, atleast try!”

Q.  Who inspired you to start TheCreativeDev?

Well, inspiration comes after i read content from other websites. My journey was like ‘learn and go’. As I developed the blog, I went on learning new things, different ways of generating revenues, identify the interests of my readers and so on. Even today after 6 years, I always in search of something new in technology which i can share with my readers and provide the solutions to them.

Q. Please Introduce your Co-Founder/Founders and Team.

I am working on my own to run this blog and my story is published on YourStory.

Q. Tell us more about your blog and how is it different from other similar blogs/sites?

CreativeDev stands for Creative Developer. I believe programming as an art and lot of creativity is involved in it. For enthusiastic developers, this name stands perfect.

Today when the articles are flooded like anything in technology section, we somehow misses the quality of knowledge that we share. Amateur bloggers run for hits without maintaining the heart of posts they share with the world. They copy from here and there and spin off the articles thinking they can food google’s algorithm and earn quick money. I looked at that as an opportunity. I prefer to write original articles after complete understanding of the topic. My articles are content-centric instead of large chunks of words from famous blogs. Today after 400+ articles and over 1 million views in 6 years I guess I am succeeded in exploiting it at very vast level.

Q. What challenges did you face while setting up your blog?

You know how Indian girls has to involve herself in household activities. Along with job, and lectures I had very little time to concentrate on doing blogging. I was handling very tight schedule during that time, in fact a very hectic one. Sometimes I decided to quit blogging as I had a steady income. But something inside me urged me to do this. So I planned my activities before hand and whatever time I got I devoted it to my passion, blogging.

In India where most of the female bloggers would love to post about recipes, I thought I would do slightly “hat-ke”. Instead of talking about Bollywood, fashion, and lifestyle, I attempted to put my foot among dominant male techno bloggers community to prove them that we (females) are not behind you even in technologies.

Q. What is the current path, TheCreativeDev funding status and future plans?

I manage this blog on my own. But I am thankful to all my guest authors who contributed to across this period.

I monetize website through Affiliate marketing, Advertising, Write and Earn as well as paid article publishing.The revenue growth of my blog is increasing by approximately 20 to 30% per year. Now we reached the yearly revenue of $1500 to $1800. We aim to reach $2300 this year with Affiliate marketing, Advertising, Write and Earn as well as paid article publishing. I got an offer to sell this blog at $36000. But I turned it down.

Current Milestones are :
  • To increase the readership up to 40% from current pageviews.
  • To hike the revenue by 30%

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Thank you very much Bhumi for sharing your motivational story with us, All the very best for your future and your venture.

A few kind words shared by Bhumi ShahVID is definitely one of the best resources for startups and entrepreneurs in India. Also, seems to have adopted the right strategy to publish inspiring stories. I found a lot of brilliant stories which are moving so thought came to share my story.

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