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Saurabh Bhardwaj, Founder of “Blue Advertisement – where you can find any kind of advertising medium you can think of” Shares His Startup Story

About Blue Advertisement :

We are Blue Advertisement, on online market place where one can find any kind of advertising medium they can think of 🙂

Offline or Online, we have all kinds of advertising mediums available with us. Currently we are working offline but our focus is to shift everything to our website.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Saurabh Bhardwaj, Founder of Blue Advertisement. I am a MBA marketing from Goa Institute of Management and a native from Delhi. I have worked with a variety of companies like IFB Industries, Wipro Lighting group, LIC of India, etc.

My fellow co-founder is Sahil Garg. He is a Computer Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and natively from Hisar. Previously he has worked with Amazon as Senior Software Engineer.

Tell us about Blue Advertisement.

Given the cumulative experience of both of us, we found out that there was a gap in the advertising industry.

Every company has either a vendor which provides the advertising options or a in-house advertising department which reach to various ad agencies based on the requirements they have. And that is where there the inconsistency is. In case of a separate vendor, the vendor has a limited reach and type of advertising options available with him. So the company gets exposure to only those mediums. In case of In-house advertising department, the cost of managing and running the whole department is huge.

So this expense of manpower, time, vendor management, limited reach are the factors which made us thinking in this line.

Coming to the other side. Usually you go on road you see a billboard saying that if we want to advertise, we should contact at a particular number. Now this is a loss. Advertising inventory can be very expensive to manage. So in time like this if we can such unused inventory to the market and get customers for it, maybe at a lower cost then we can reduce huge amount of losses to the advertising industry.

The combined effect of both these scenarios pushed us forward to start Blue Advertisement.

What makes you special?

We are a team who is focused on optimizing the advertising industry. And to do that just providing the listings and booking of all advertising mediums is not good enough. We also plan advertising campaign as per the company’s requirement and target market.

So while you purchase advertising inventory from us, you get Advertising planning and consultancy at absolutely no cost.

What challenges did you face while setting up Blue Advertisement?

Advertising industry in India is very unstructured as of now and people have a fixed mindset about doing things in this industry. So to get vendors and clients on-board, we had to do a lot of research, some statistical studies and a clear Business Model upfront.

We faced a lot of friction, people were not certain about our idea. Few of them said to us “We don’t have any issues with the way things are going on right now, why should we even hear you?” It is very important to understand, things are good doesn’t mean things can’t be better. And when we demonstrated them the idea, people were absolutely stunned by how much they could do better.

Introduce your team, how big are you?

Currently there are only 2 full time employees in the company, me and my co-founder. But we do keep interns as and when needed. For interns it is a short time project with a defined timeline and goal.

As said earlier, our objective is to optimize. We are doing the same with the way we work so that we can get more output per person rather than having more and more persons. Quality matters more over quantity.

What’s your present status and What are the plans for future?

Currently we have 2 projects going on parallel. We have already served some of the big name in the industry. But the hunger to do more and better is never ending. So we see the near future (next 1-2 years) to grow to size of 50 employees and be able to serve over 8 clients on parallel.

How are you connected to VID?

As an entrepreneur, my relationship with VID is not new. I have been a regular visitor to VID. My reasons for visit were simple, get learnings and motivations. Many a times things start to falter and you start loosing trust in your idea and yourself. But it is important to be persistent enough to grow big.

At times like these when things were getting difficult to manage, VID used to be my hospital where I get the right treatment. The treatment for me was motivation and stories of how other entrepreneurs fought against the odds and earned the name they deserve.

And being very honest, giving my interview to VID was once a dream for me. It was a measure of how big we have become and how well we are performing. And today I feel very happy that I have reached a minimum basic level which I once dreamed of 🙂

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