Sunil Sharma Founder ‘Caradora- The Algae Company’ Shares His Startup Story

Meet Sunil Sharma Founder Caradora

I am a simple individual, the way existence created me. I have kept myself absolutely uninfluenced by any customary ideology – religious, political, social, financial etc. I am keenly interested in building sustainable smart micro-farms, biotechnology techniques, adolescent coaching and startups.

Prior to Caradora, I was a project coordinator and have worked with organizations like Childline India Foundation (Childline 1098). I Am an Existentialist, a Seeker & an Entrepreneur. I am constantly seeking a chance to be a part of that one innovation that can change the way people experience the world.

When and how did you think about Caradora?

While studying my standard 11th and 12th at Kota, I first came to know about Spirulina as a health supplement. My friend introduced it to me, owing to my reluctance about my health, after using it for months I noticed that my health improvement was commendable.

During one of my graduation lecture, I came across the concept of microbial protein which reintroduced me to Spirulina and I did an in-depth study.

On further research, I realized that the Spirulina market in India was zero to none, and whatever Spirulina product was available in India was imported.

I recognized the gap in the market and endeavoured to breach it. I was intrigued by the entire concept of sustainable farming and economic dietary supplement and thus the story of Caradora began in 2017 when I commenced a pilot project at my own residence and gradually assembled- “Caradora-The Algae Company“.

From whom did you get inspiration to start Caradora?

Me being from Rajasthan has always known the plight of farmers and for as long as I can remember I was inherently drawn towards making a positive social impact.

All of these thoughts and ideas- The need for more sustainable farming for farmers, the diverse benefits of Spirulina and my need to create an effective change all blended together and bore my inspiration, thus Caradora was formed.

I believe every day teaches us something new and every person and hardship I come across educates me and points me towards my purpose. Thus I consider experience to be my

Introduce team

The Caradora versatile team has the following members:

Ajeet Meena
Advisor- Internet Marketing | LinkedIn

Abhijit Singh
Chief Operating Officer | LinkedIn

Tamanna Das
Executive Assistance | LinkedIn

Explain more about Caradora, What makes you different from similar startups?

Caradora is not only a start-up, producing and selling products rather it’s a start-up working with a vision and mission of bringing a positive social impact. Every day we operate to see how our products are working to battle malnutrition, how farmers of our country are seeing a new direction of carrying forward their occupation and a new ray of hope in the Algae farming sector.

Bringing a smile to their face and creating real change is our priority. So we initiated THE Spirulina Cultivation Project- It brings forward opportunities to work with local farmers- An elaborate plan where the local farmers in association with investors can build and install Spirulina Cultivation where the company agrees in purchasing all the Spirulina grown by using The Caradora Technology.

The farmers in return can receive favorable earnings without having to deal with the marketing and promotional cost. Once certain perimeters and provisions are qualified, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed by the investors for a dedicated exclusive supply of dry mass of Spirulina to Caradora.

The process involved in Spirulina production is also different from our counterparts, at Caradora we employ a unique closed system, unlike other Spirulina cultivators where
Spirulina is grown in open ponds. Hence Caradora yields a superior quality of Spirulina with absolutely no margin for quality decay.

What challenges did you face?

Caradora was launched during my graduation year when I was in Chennai and the company and its farms were based in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

As a solo graduate founder, it was very challenging for me to operate the start-up and manage my education simultaneously and the distance between the two states was another major hindrance.

After graduation the main issue that I faced was, me being from a biotechnology background had no idea about entrepreneurship, I made a series of ill decisions and mistakes, the year 2019 was a major turning point when I was introduced to The Incubation Centre at Jaipur where I built my understanding of building a business from scratch and other necessary skills required for a start-up.

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What is Caradora funding status and future plans?

Caradora was created keeping in mind the uncharted advantages of Spirulina as an ecological, nutrient-packed food supplement- especially in the Indian subcontinent. The
company cultivates, processes and promotes Spirulina and its uses.

Caradora’s main expedition is to tap into the vast undiscovered health benefits and uses of Spirulina as a superfood among the common population and also incorporate it in day to day regular diet of the masses. We have now extended the company’s pursuits to assume the role of a processor and a promoter for other health supplements as well (which includes super green and herbals) from all over India.

Right now we are lacking funding crucial for the extension and growth of the company.

Caradora is bootstrapped momentarily and our team is working tirelessly to boost the funding to kick start the next phase. We don’t want to limit ourselves to just selling and dealing with products but we want to broaden our horizons to undertake socio-economic developments- eradicate under-nutrition completely from India by employing Spirulina and other super green dietary supplements.

We have already started towards this envision with The Caradora Hunger Project- This initiative by Caradora was made with the hope to create real changes and to fight against
one of the biggest crises in the world right now- Malnutrition. Statistical reports state that one in four children around the world is suffering from under-nutrition and the Caradora Hunger Project initiative employs the use of Spirulina to help fight it, as according to NASA, 1kg Spirulina is equal to 1000kg of fruits and vegetables.

To date, Caradora has helped over 5000 children to fight malnutrition in Bharatpur, Alwar, Mathura, Agra and nearby cities in association with NGO’s and CSR agencies.

CEO Message – “Caradora is a socially responsible company, serving the society for the past three years and aims to create a well nourished and healthy society. I look forward that to serve our people with the same passion, dedication and high quality standards and create a better place.”

Sunil Sharma, CEO | LinkedIn

Caradora Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

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