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Chitra Gurnani Daga is a Show Stopper in terms of Travel and Tourism

Very few people help to make others` dreams come true. The place where you dream to go, Chitra Gurnani’s company Thrillophilia helps you to reach there. This story is about the journey of a woman who helped in others` dream journeys.

Name: Chitra Gurnani

Profession: Co-Founder and CEO of Thrillophilia Adventure Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Current Status: Married

Interesting Facts About Chitra Gurnani:

Chitra Gurnani is the co-founder of an adventure tours and travel company, named Thrillophilia Tours Pvt. Ltd. The company was started in 2009 after a lot of discussion, research, and debates. They have hired qualified adventure experts, trained professionals, and experienced staff, who are passionate to serve people.

Thrillophilia runs a website, blog, and twitter account. It is a strong brand in the market. The company is focusing hardcore in the SEO services to make it better and best. Chitra Gurnani’s company deals with authentic suppliers and best activities in the interest of others. She is a dynamic, energetic, and an amazing human being, who loves to travel and strongly believes in Delightful Customer Experience.

She is a woman, who is passionate in taking risks. Her visions give a clear picture of her thoughts and her efforts reflect her intelligence. Chitra is herself passionate about traveling, seeking more knowledge and experience from different parts of the world. She has keenly focused in the details of various adventure activities loved by people.

The company has a tremendous turnover – The site has a number of warehouses, offices, and customer service desks across the country. The website has successfully achieved its core goals and recognition in selling online adventure tours.

Some of the most preferred and appreciated activities conducted by Chitra Gurnani Daga’s company include; Scuba Diving, Camel Safari, Biking, Caving, Paragliding, and Wildlife Explorations.

Motivational Factor:

It is very difficult for women to make a place in the professional world due to gender biasness. Chitra Gurnani has come a long way in making her identity appreciated. Her hard work, her vision, and her confidence are commendable. Today, her website is among the top 20 Travel Websites, which is considered as the largest adventure travel site of India. Chitra’s idea of business is one of the amazing innovations and thoughts to make people aware of the beauty of India.

Chitra is among those women who worship her work than considering it merely a profit making business. According to her, ‘Thrillophilia Website’ is like a ‘Bible of Adventure’ to her. She amazes me for her confidence and creative skills. Her goals are to cover the entire India and cater to the needs of external vendors too. This strongly reflects her dedication and sense of business.

There are plenty of things that we think of doing, but many remain unanswered or unfulfilled. Chitra has never done business with the objective of making money or to gain power. She believes in herself and believes that she cares for human values and nation’s progress. She has met par with all the challenges and struggles to make this business run. It is true that she is not alone and has many partners to help her; however, it can also be stated that she was never dependent.

I was a ghost writer for so many articles on travel and I could sense how difficult it is to give people dreams about locations and fulfill those to meet their expectations. I hats off to the spirit of Chitra to have shown this level of positivity in her business. I myself love to travel a lot and her quotes and wordings only inspire me to experience more in life. The team of Thrillophilia strongly believes that; ‘Tough People Last, Tough Times Don’t.’

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When we dream of achieving something, we need to be sure that we are positive and highly spirited. I like this quality in Chitra Gurnani Daga, who has shown complete dedication in her work. Her website and her satisfied list of customers show it all.

I wish I could achieve something big like this very soon in life and reading about such stories will only help me more to follow my dreams. She is a woman filled with motivation, confidence, and energy. All I can say after knowing about her is that I wish we have more women like her in our country, so that the nation progresses in a balanced manner. I wish her all the best in life.

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