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Dattu Bhokanal Rowed at Rio Olympics while his mother kept fighting for life

While Dattu Bhokanal kept his perfect stroking in Quarter Finals going, his mother’s health was falling enormously. Dattu Bhokanal is 24 years old and went to Rio Representing India.

Dattu Bhokanal left for Korea for Olympic Qualification Events few days after his mother met an accident. Since then his mother’s health has been falling but nothing stopped this National Hero from participating in Olympic and putting a tough competition from India.

As reported in Indian Express, Dattu Bhokanal crashed but his zeal and responsibility towards his Nation has proved that he is kind of Hero we need to follow. Dattu comes an ailing village of Maharashtra, the drought-hit village has suffered a lot in past two-three years but nothing has stopped Dattu from aiming for an Olympic medal.

While it feels great to see that a person from such a small village is representing India at Rio Olympics but at the same time it also irks to see how suppressed these Olympians are. It is sad to see that they are not provided with the basics and had to suffer because of lack of training, opportunity and financial support.

Dattu Bhokanal is a 24-year-old Army men, he has completed his 10th standard and after his father’s death decided to join army and serve the nation.

Career Highlights: As reported in Indian Express, Dattu Bhokanal presented his best performance forward in Asian Rowing Championship where he won a silver medal in men rowing event.

Dattu Bhokanal won 2 Gold Medals in Rowing Event at National Rowing Championship. Bhokanal also represented India at Asian Games in China 2014.

Qualifications: At FISA Asian and Oceania Olympic Qualification Regatta, Dattu won a sliver medal after recording an impressive timing of 7 minutes and 49 seconds for completing a run of 2 kilometers.

Dattu Bhokanal is out of Rio Olympic but it is surely not the end, Dattu has a long way to go in sports as well as in real life. There’s an ailing mother that needs him and then there’s the motherland that requires his efforts. Dattu Bhokanal is going to be back on track and will be looking forward to represent India at varied events and secure medals for India.

2016 Rio Olympics: It was for the first time that Dattu Bhokanal was participating in any Olympic games and we expect it to be not his last. Dattu went to South Korea for qualification rounds, it was only after 2-3 days her mother met with accident.

The journey must have been really painful for the player but it is the mental toughness and robustness that makes these players Golden Players. We are proud that Dattu Bhokanal represented India at the Rio Olympics.

Image credit : news 18 | sport star live

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