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Prem Ramaswami – Reuniting the coders from tech giants in the USA for ‘COVID-19 Tracker’

The deadly darkness of COVID-19 is consistently spreading all across the world. There is nothing more to analyze for the initial generation of the disease and blaming any specific country for the same. Whatever the reasons may be, we now need to think creatively for complete removal of this evil structured disease.

As per today, the disease has taken over 244 different countries and territories globally followed by two different conveyances [1]. Understanding the seriousness of the issue, Sidewalk Labs chief, Mr. Prem Ramaswami, decided to develop a portal with the joint efforts of the technical experts working under the top tech giants of the USA. These included the wind up of skilled technology masters from Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, CloudFare, MongoDB, etc to name a few.

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Finally, Mr. Prem Ramaswami formed a group of 30 volunteers to develop the portal titled ‘’. The website developed inside the USA is free to use with the features of getting the details about the unwanted spread of SARS-COV-2 all across the USA. Moreover, the site wants you to input the symptoms you are facing at present and put forward a simple format to submit.

The users can get a list of 14 different symptoms followed by any flu vaccination that has been taken. Actually, the Sidewalk lab chief, Mr. Prem Ramaswami, and his wife were suspected to be Corona positive due to the associated symptoms. However, the team of doctors in the US denied their tests as they were not in contact with the Corona patients closely.

Moving ahead, Mr. Prem decided to get in contact with the chief innovation officer of the Boston Children’s Hospital named John Brownstein, along with another famous doctor of Silicon Valley. They inspired the chief to invent such a platform where the patients can authentically check out their symptoms of being Corona positive followed by some other services.

The chief decided to call out all the techie friends working in the biggest tech companies in the USA. Soon after the call out, all his techie friends working under the Myriad IT-based jobs in the country spent about six sleepless nights to come forward with this output. The website ‘’ even partners with the Harvard Medical School to ensure the authenticity of the content and making it trustworthy.

The site lists out a series of symptoms to choose from or the users may also put forward their situation precisely. Either you are feeling sick, remained under the close contact of any Corona positive person, taken any vaccination, or passed your days inside the quarantine center, every single aspect gets analyzed by the portal. It even queries about the travel history of the patient for the past few days. Last, but not the least, the portal even provides the accessibility to explore entire Corona issues inside the city after putting the zip code.

The portal’s tracking services seems to be offline [2] at the current date as per the reports of globally reputed news portals. It is likely to resume all the tracking services shortly and start assisting users all across the world. Moreover, the site even acts as an inspiration for all those creative individuals who are willing to develop a similar functioning portal.

The story behind the development of the site is really inspiring for the youths who hesitate to move forward with such a great idea. The world is consistently moving forward to completely eradicate this unwanted evil. Let’s put forward lots of thanks to the iconic personality Mr. Prem Ramaswamy and the entire team, for their sleepless efforts towards the development of this platform.

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