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Neil Patel – The Social Media Guru | Self Made Multi-Millionaire’s Motivational Success Story

Neil Patel, best known as the online marketing guru, has the best of the social media hacks one can use to boost his or her digital business. He is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, Hello Bar, UbberSuggest and Crazy Egg. Quick Sprout is his business and marketing blog.

Neil Patel was recognized among the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by former US President Barack Obama. Forbes sees him in the top 10 influential online marketers. Besides, he is a New York Times bestseller author.

Neil Patel’s easy online marketing strategies will make you believe that digital media is no rocket science. Instead, it’s fun to learn!

Neil Patel Digital – Bio | Wiki | NetWorth

Full Name: Neil Patel

Date of Birth: April 24, 1985

Place of Birth: London, England

Profession: Entrepreneur, Online Marketer

School: John F. Kennedy High School, California

Neil Patel’s Achievements | SEO Guru | Digital Marketing Expert

Neil Patel, as his Linkedin bio describes, has spoken at over 270 companies and conferences. From Facebook to Thomson Reuters, he had addressed the conferences on internet growth marketing. He has also helped the internet growth of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Thomson Reuters, NBC, Zappos, General Motors, Sales Force and Viacom, to name a few.

His blog generates more than 2 million monthly visitors.

His Marketing School podcast generates around 6,50,000 listens in a month.

The United Nations and former US president Barack Obama has recognized Neil Patel among top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 and 30, respectively.

Neil Patel is in the top influencers list of The Wall Street and the Forbes magazine.

Neil Patel – Early Business Life | Motivational Story

From the very beginning i.e., since he was a kid, Neil Patel thought of the ways to get into business and make profit out of it. Throughout his early childhood he claims to be on the quest of the business ideas until he found something profitable and of his interest!

The online marketer, Neil Patel was born on April 24, 1985, in London, to Indian parents.

At the age of two, his parents moved to Orange County in California. His mother joined a teaching school; it was a non-paid gig.

Neil’s father joined his uncle’s family business to earn enough to keep their middle-class lifestyle going in California.

Entrepreneurship ran in his blood. His maternal uncles were running multiple successful businesses. Even, there was a time when his mother started her own business of running a day-care.

Though it didn’t attract much profit, Neil’s parents were okay with the lifestyle. But he wasn’t!

He was always on the thinking spree on how to upgrade his lifestyle. Hailing from an entrepreneurial family, he kept on thinking on the various ways to start a business.

But, sadly, couldn’t come up with a great idea until he saw his cousin selling burned music CDs. Neil, too, followed the footsteps of his cousin and started to sell the same.

Soon, he realized that it wasn’t a profitable business as he could make a few dollars only. And then he decided to sell black boxes to the students and, sometimes, their parents too.

He was identified as the kid who sells black boxes at John F. Kennedy High School. If he had continued to sell the black boxes, Neil would have got into legal troubles. He realized this very soon, only after making few grands in profit.

Neil Patel, as a kid, didn’t want to ‘just’ sell things and earn. So, he went a step further to set up a legal business.

While in High School he had observed the students would get their cars fixed with the after-market parts.

A business idea popped up to the entrepreneur-in-making, Neil’s mind. He got the re-sellers permit from the State Board of Equalization and started his business of reselling car parts at discount.

A 15 Year Old Kid!

By this time, Neil was just a 15-year-old kid! Despite the age constraint he was already thinking of ways to make money.

He didn’t want to earn like this. He wanted to take a “real” job. His idea was just not to survive but to succeed.

He took up a job at Knott’s Berry Farm, where he was given the task of cleaning restrooms, sweeping up vomit and emptying trash cans. He worked at Knott’s for three months and left the job to join the Quality Systems.

At this organization, he was a salesperson assigned to sale a $1600 Kirby vacuums. His strategy to sell the vacuums seemed simple but it wasn’t. He would go from house to house giving the demos just like other salespersons.

The only difference was, he would clean and shampoo their carpets for free. He made a few hundred dollars by selling the vacuum. Soon, he realized it wasn’t worth as the Americans would not be interested in buying a $1600 vacuum.

He started to explore further opportunities. It was the time when his sister introduced Neil to her boss, an Oracle consultant.

Neil got to know that her boss was making money up to $250 an hour.

He didn’t know then what Oracle was and started to do a research on internet about Oracle consulting jobs on

God has its own plans! Neil, instead, started reading and researching on the business plan of, how it worked and how the company was earning money online. He went ahead and launched a similar website with the name Advice Monkey.

Till this time, Neil Patel was not even 18 and still had to get a college degree. He got enrolled at Cyprus Community College and started taking general education college courses.

A guy from the classes noticed him while Neil was delivering a speech on how search engines work and talked to him about the Elpac Electronics.

He worked on Elpac Electronics’ strategy and got a deal of $3500 a month as a consultant.

Neil then decided to run his own internet marketing company. He turned to his sister’s boyfriend who partnered with him for the new venture. They started the internet marketing company.

Neil Patel Companies | Net Worth

After that, Neil Patel started Crazy Egg. Besides, Neil had joined a college and dedicated more than 60 hours to work in a week. Crazy Egg offers social tools to understand the website traffic algorithm and get more revenue depending on the same.

Neil Patel Infographic Source

With Crazy Egg, Neil Patel felt to add more products for the business owners and, hence, he launched KISSmetrics.

Neil Patel, now, works on KISSmetrics to help and support the digital marketing professionals. KISSmetrics offers web analytics service to its users. About Neil Patel’s Net worth its about $30 Million (Estimated) as per Quora.

Where does Neil Patel Live?

Well, sharing this part of Neil Patel’s life is my favorite. Neil lives in a condo. While his entrepreneurial career was in offspring, he started to live in a 275-sq-ft apartment in Seattle. “The elevator smelled of urine,” he had mentioned in one of his blog posts.

He stayed there for six months minimizing all his expenses. After that, with a help of a friend in Real Estate business he bought a one-room condo at Hyatt Hotel in Seattle.

It was the time when CNN published an article titled Dotcom millionaire who lives in a hotel. Neil Patel drew flak from majority and there were negative comments all over. Yet he saw the positive side; his website was able to generate 20,000 visitors within 24 hours.

Later, he moved to a condo in Mandarin Oriental hotel, Las Vegas. There he got the opportunity to meet a quite number of businessmen to work with.

Neil Patel Books:

Neil Patel is the author of the book. [Must Read]

He has written in the self-help and business and economics genre. It’s a New York Times, IndieBound, Los Angeles Times and USA Today bestseller.

The Fortune says the book by Neil Patel is a must-read for any entrepreneur.

We wish Neil all the very best with his ventures and for his future. Keep inspiring us!

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