Firoz Alam ips success story

Firoz Alam IPS: Success Story & 6 Interesting Facts To Know About Newly Appointed ACP

Firoz Alam IPS Life story and Biography. He is a true reflection of grit, hard work and dedication. He is a newly Appointed ACP, who has proved that diligence does show results and dreams do come true. Firoz cracked the UPSC exam in the final (6th attempt) year. He hails from the Hapur Pilkhuwa district situated in Uttar Pradesh, lives with his parents, father Mohammad Shahadat and mother Munni Bano in Azampur Dehra village.

He joined Delhi Police in the year 2010 after clearing the 12th standard board exams. Since then he had been serving Delhi Police as a constable after cracking the UPSC exam in the final (6th attempt) year.

30 years old Firoz Alam by now is an inspiration for millions who come from a humble background yet achieve so much in life by relentlessly toiling hard. As his parents just studied till 6th standard and are scrap dealers. So, for them, it was something surreal.

1. Who is Firoz Alam?

(Wiki, Bio, life history & The journey from a Constable to becoming an ACP)

Amongst the 5 aspirants from the Delhi Police clan who cleared the year 2019 Civil Services exam, Firoz Alam was one of them. For which the results were declared by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) recently. Where Alam secured the 645th rank in the distinguished all-India examination.

Since the time his success story took the internet by storm, netizens are calling him a reflection of real-life Imran Ansari from “Patal Lok” web series. As Firoz Alam too works with Delhi Police and appeared for the examination while being deployed with the PCR unit.

Furthermore, talking about his inspirational journey from being constable to an ACP, he believed that education is imperative so he continued it, post joining Delhi Police in the year 2010. This was his endeavour to reach the goal of cracking the UPSC CSE examination. So, he actually witnessed his dreams coming true of becoming an IPS officer right in front of him in April 2021.

2. What is Firoz Alam’s educational background?

Firoz Alam is a graduate from Rana Degree College Pilkhuwa, who cleared the UPSC exam after 5 failed attempts and finally succeeded in the final i.e. 6th attempt.

3. When did Firoz Alam join the police?

Firoz joined the Delhi Police as a constable in the year 2010 after clearing his 12th standard board exams.

4. All About Firoz Alam family

Alam is originally from Azampur Mahganwa village (Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh state).

His parents include his father Mohammed Shahadat, who works as a scrap dealer and his mother Munni Bano is a homemaker.

Besides being a homemaker, she also takes care of Alam’s siblings. His siblings include 5 brothers and 3 sisters.

5. Fact about Firoz Alam’s Story connection with ‘Paatal Lok’

The success story of Firoz Alam is similar to that of the fictional character Imran Ansari portrayed in the Amazon Prime show web series “Paatal Lok” released last year. Where this Amazon Prime series showcased various realities of aspiration, defeat, idealism and realism.

So, the story of Imran Ansari, which was played by Ishwak Singh, who worked in the Delhi Police with the sole aim to crack the UPSC exam later become an IPS officer.

This character was young, ambitious and English speaking, these characteristics as per the show were quite opposed to what a realistic police constable would have appeared like in reality. Where, he was meant to be a “Sahib”, who would have been an inhabitant of the “Swarg lok”, but not the maze-like “Paatal lok.” Patal Lok was referred to as, to being sucked back in, no matter how much efforts one puts in and how hard he/she tries to climb up.

Talking about the details of the character under discussion, was the topic of the town owing to the fact that he was given his identity as a Muslim, who was striving hard to become a part of the “System.” Also, it is a real-life story with strange similarities to Ansari’s character that was unwinding in the Delhi Police.

6. Interesting Facts to know about Firoz Alam IPS

  • Alam is not just an ideal now, whom youngsters can look up to but also a true philanthropist too. As he made a WhatsApp Group intending to help other constables who aspire to crack the UPSC CSE. He has named this WhatsApp group as “Delhi Police Family For UPSC.” In this group, 58 constables have already joined in and hopefully, the count will increase. As this act has been done for such a righteous cause.


  • Seeking the change which Alam is experiencing post becoming an officer, he mentions that it feels a bit awkward when his constable friends who then used to call him “Bhai” for several years, now regard him as “Sir.”


  • Being from such a simple background, Alam’s journey didn’t get affected by it, instead, his constant aim was to crack UPSC CSE by keeping his studies ongoing till he could achieve his dream. Also, he believes that education plays a vital role in achieving goals.


  • Alam strongly believes that his 10 years of service invested in the police department will help him in the long haul. As he has seen officers very closely and he understands how things work. In addition, he also understands the problems that come and the manner to deal with them. Along with the welfare of the constabulary.

Alam very recently mentioned in one of his interviews, “I was surrounded by officers throughout my career, and I found their ability to work for the society breathtaking. I was so inspired, and knew that I wanted to crack the civil services, and be like those officers.”

He also mentioned that he studied earnestly while he was on the job, however, he never let the preparations come in the way of his duty.

Final Words

We believe that Firoz Alam IPS is the epitome of self-made individuality and his success story will inspire each one who would cross paths with him or know about him. Where, he has certainly proved that “Himmat e Marda- Madad e Khuda”, which translates to when a person dares to take up something then even god helps him in that endeavour.

(photo: indiatoday)

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