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Deepika Kumari the Indian Archer Aiming For Gold

About Deepika Kumari

Deepika Kumari the 22 year old Indian Archer is no normal girl, she is a rage and fiery on the archery court. Deepika Kumari may be short of an Olympic Medal but she still is the World Archery Champion from India.

Deepika lost in the Quarter Final match of Rio Olympics but what she left behind is a legacy that would be hard to cope up with. Deepika’s Olympic stint has just started and there’s a lot more to come. Well, for Deepika Tokoyo Olympic to be held in 2020 is the next target.

How World Champions like Deepika are made?

The story of making of every champion is filled with tales of hard work, passion and fighting against the odds. Deepika’s story is very similar to those of Dattu Bhokal and Dipa Karmakar. Coming from a small town Ranchi in Jharkhand, Deepika had to face her share of problems and obstacles but world champions are made up of a different kind of soil and no obstacle can stop them from achieving what they are meant to achieve.

According to Wikipedia, Deepika Kumari was born to an auto-rickshaw Driver in Ranchi then in Bihar. Deepika practiced for archery by aiming at Mangoes with a stone. Such is her success story, world champions are not born they are made.

Deepika is the epitome example of hardworkers who have defied rules and stereotypes to win the world. Her story of struggle and world number one ranking proves that, we can achieve everything we set our minds on to.

Deepika’s father never hesitated in compromising with household budget and buying her equipment she required. Deepika’s success is an attribute of her hard work, determination and her father’s support.

World Champion and Representing India at Rio Olympics, Deepika is surely going places

Deepika’s current world ranking is number 5. This formerly world number one represented India at Rio Olympic at varied archery events with her counterpart. Deepika and her counterpart gave team of Russia and Korea a tough competition but it was only in the final round that they lost to team Russia by an ounce.

As published in Firstpost, Deepika later blamed the windy environment for their unexpected loss. News published in Firstpost had left a lot of Indians sad. Deepika was India’s one of the best bets in Olympic.

Deepika’s journey to word rank number 1 started in year 2005 and it was in year 2006 when she joined an archery school managed by Tata to commence her professional journey. It was soon after her admission in 2006 that she started hitting bull’s eye and winning medals.

Medals and Glory:

It is obvious that the gallery of this World Champion is going to be surely full of Gold and Silver medals. Here’s everything she has won in recent past:  sources, Wikipedia.

  • Won 11th Youth World Archery Championship in Oglen, 2009
  • Won two Gold Medals in Common Wealth Games 2010.
  • In 2012 she won World Championship at Anatlya
  • In 2013, she won Gold in Archery World Cup stage 3.

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