Yogeshwar Dutt

Don’t Forget Who is Yogeshwar Dutt and Why We Should Always be Proud of Him?

Yogeshwar Dutt

The whole of India is sad with the kind of performance Indian stars like Yogeshwar Dutt, Saina Nehwal and Sania Mirza have produced at Rio Olympics 2016. What happened was surely sad and unexpected. Everyone was expecting that Indian Athletes with better the record we created in London Olympics but things didn’t turn out well.

A lot of people are buy criticizing the likes of Yogeshwar Dutt and Saina Nehwal, who fought with injury just to keep India participated at the event. Yogeshwar and Saina both reportedly suffer from injuries in the beginning of this year, which may have hindered with their potential to win.

Who is Yogeshwar Dutt and why we should still be proud of him?

Remember? How we all were proud when India clinched 6 medals at London Olympics; how happy and how glad we were about the growth of sports in India, remember? Well, Yogeshwar Dutt was one of the six Indian sportsperson who made us proud at London Olympics and gave us reasons to celebrate and look at the brighter side of light.

Yogeshwar Dutt is surely not someone who got lucky once—btw, no body gets lucky in Olympics, it is all hard work and sweat—but someone who has represented at varied international levels and have won Gold medal numerous times.

Gold is certainly the favorite Medal of Yogeshwar Dutt :

While Yogeshwar Dutt may have missed the opportunity of making India proud again but his past record cannot be dismayed and kept aside while discussing him. There have been moments when Sachin Tendulkar failed and India lost matches but we still consider him the God of Cricket because of the epic performance he has given through his career.

Well, Yogeshwar may not be the God of Wrestling but he certainly is the Gold of Indian Wrestling. Out of 10 times he has represented India at international level he has clinched a Gold Medal for 6 times.

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Here are the instances where Yogeshwar Dutt won a Gold medal for India :

  • Common wealth championship 2003 London 55kg Freestyle
  • Common wealth championship 2005 Cape Town 60 Kg Freestyle
  • Common wealth championship 2007 London 60 kg Freestyle
  • Asian wrestling championship Gumi 2012 60 Kg Freestyle
  • Common wealth games Delhi 2010 60 kg Freestyle
  • Common wealth games Glasgow 2014 65 kg Freestyle
  • Asian Games 2014 Incheon 65 kg freestyle

It is time we let go the defeat Yogeshwar Dutt faced and look forward to brighter things in life. Yogeshwar continues to be the idol of hundreds of wrestler working hard to make India proud. Yogeshwar will remain one of the few athletes who made Indian Flag rise at the prestigious Olympic Games.

Yogeshwar Dutt is also the recipient of prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Award; he was conferred with the Ratan in 2012 after he won a medal at London Olympics. He was also awarded Padma Shri in 2013 by the Government of India.

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