Dr. Anand Rai

Meet the Man – Dr. Anand Rai Who Exposed Vyapam, Medical Scams and Saved Many Lives

Dr. Anand Rai’s friends call him a whistleblower and his story deserves the title. You are surely going to raise your respect for this brave man after reading his story.

Name: Dr. Anand Rai

Profession: Ophthalmologist

Place of Birth: Mahendragaon, Harda (M.P.), India

Background of Dr. Anand Rai:

Dr. Anand Rai is an Ophthalmologist, medical officer, and a social activist. He is more popularly known for exposing the Vyapam Scam. He is responsible for several medical examinations that are conducted to select candidates for educational studies and government jobs.

Rai was born in a moderate village named, Mahendragaon, Harda district, Madhya Pradesh. His family belongs to the teaching sector. Rai has also been a member of Bharatiya Janata Party and was an active participant in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activities.

Many people and his fans also call him a Whistleblower. He was banned by the RSS as soon as he exposed the Vyapam scam. Rai has completed his medical studies from Indore. During his medical career, Rai noticed many irregularities that involved sanctioning of admissions to the children of politicians and elite businessmen, despite them not attending the lectures and exams. He has played a long battle of struggle to prove these scams happening right from the time he was a junior.

According to an inner report, one of Rai’s close friends left a suitcase at a wedding. In the eagerness to return it, he opened the bag to find the person’s updated contact information. To Rai’s shocking surprise, he found a few pre-medical test papers and admission forms along with pictures. Rai could not speak much about it being a junior. However, as soon as he finished his post-graduation, he joined the same college as a faculty member with the objective of exposing these scams.

A complaint was filed by him to the MPPEB. The committee found that 280 proxy candidates had attended the exams in context to the actual candidates. Many efforts were made later on a bigger scale to investigate these scams further and take strict actions against it. To share a fact, Rai has filed more than 1000 RTI applications that include the clinical drug trials with the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI).

Many political threats and pressures came on him, while he was involved in these investigations; however it was no looking back for Rai.

Motivational Factor:

Rai has been transferred to other medical schools a several times for his strict act of exposing medical scams; however, he was and is always prepared to challenge his transfer at the court. It is quite evident that he has been through a lot of challenges in relation to his studies as well as life. I feel great pride to discuss about Rai’s life story, as only a struggler can relate to other struggler’s challenges. Although, he has accomplished well in his career, but there are other challenges that have kept him busy always.

His followers and well-wishers have written letters to the Chief Minister of MP to revoke his and his wife’s transfer papers. One of the major problems in India is to open the mouth for justice. The moment you do that, injustice starts happening with you. I don’t like to discuss much about politics, but all I can say is Rai has saved many lives of people by exposing those fake doctors. People don’t realize that despite passing the exams, if you do not carry the skills in you, you cannot survive in your career.

Rai has saved many crucial aspects by uncovering the truth that was at a great potential risk. I can’t imagine the kind of stress his family would have undergone after all those threats and pressure. Hats off to men like Dr. Anand Rai who had to go through a lot and is still going through a lot for people whom he doesn’t even know. He has performed the true oath of a doctor who pledged to save the people selflessly.

A few words by Rai in one of his interviews were;

“We do feel vindicated but it’s just the start. You ask where we get the courage. I come from a small town and I have really struggled to get where I am. I want to expose this fraud so that the system changes.”

Our salute to this real superhero and we truly wish that he accomplishes all his goals in life and continues to work selflessly for people.

Header Image credit : facebook.com/whistleblowe

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