Dr Bhakti Yadav 91

Dr. Bhakti Yadav Treats Her Patients Free and Still Going Strong at 91

If humanity exists, it exists at Dr. Bhakti Yadav’s clinic. She has spent 68 years in treating her patients free. People have high respect for her and her patients adore her a lot. This story is about her spirit and journey of life.

Name: Dr. Bhakti Yadav

Age: 91

Profession: Doctor

Amazing Facts about Dr. Bhakti Yadav:

Dr. Bhakti Yadav is a 91 year old lady, who serves her patients for free. She is the first MBBS lady doctor in Indore. Dr. Bhakti has been wholeheartedly treating her patients since 68 years now. She specializes in gynecological issues pertaining to women.

Her exceptional skills, experience and people’s faith in her has survived so many women even from complicated deliveries. She loves her patients selflessly and treats them like a family. People from different cities and states come to get treated by her.

Dr. Bhakti’s name is honored in various news channels and she feels extremely modest about it. When someone asked her about her age and salary, she smiled off in a humorous way by saying that ‘don’t ask me that’. She doesn’t feel very happy about the way doctors treat their patients today. According to her, it is sheer money connection and no heart connection with the patients. Dr. Bhakti feels that the first thing a patient needs is a human touch instead of a stressful remark.

A lady who can barely walk and see is still confident in curing people’s health issues. Her simple touch puts the patients at ease. She has been in the news channels and whoever knows about her have high regards for this amazingly high spirited woman. In other words, she is a replica of Mother Teresa. Dr. Bhakti’s theory of life and ambition is to continue her practice till her last breath.

Motivational Factor:

I am speechless! If I have to write about these brave women who survive on their own terms and still smile confidently, I feel proud of myself. It is a WOW feeling to know and write about someone who has a soul of a pure angel. She is admirable and very deserving to earn all the respect.

Dr. Bhakti is a one woman show and there is no doubt about it. I love her smile. Despite being 91, she has a glow of satisfaction on her face and a positive aura. Her wrinkles do not make her look aged, but only makes her look more beautiful as these reflect the number of good deeds performed by this young woman.

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We all are scared of two things in the world, Lawyers and Doctors. You are surely going to tear your pockets as they both charge you your life. Today, treating patients is more like a business to the doctors rather curing illnesses. Before they even check the patient, they inform the patient about their charges. Many of these even have a form to be filled that includes standard visiting charges, extra charges, and other taxes applicable.

Doctors have become very money minded and most of them have forgotten the oath at the time of admission. As a victim myself a several times, I can very honestly state that I have never felt the human touch by any doctor. They are merely money diggers. Some of them do not have the time to listen to the patients either. This makes you feel sicker. I truly feel and wish we have more doctors and moreover, humans to treat us like Dr. Bhakti Yadav.

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Although, due to her little strength she is not able to treat as many patients as she intends to, but she has always been there for people in need. Her recommended medicines are up to the mark. People have immense faith in her recommended treatment and advices. She is a true soul. Dr. Bhakti has awakened a divine light in me that urges me to do something for people. Her highly spirited attitude spreads a strong message to the people. You do not have to necessarily be a doctor to treat people; all you need to keep the humanity alive inside you.

My respect for this lady and I wish that she lives for more years. I also hope that Government must pay some gratitude and honor people like her. I truly hope that she reads this story where I can convey my best regards and wishes to her. Long live Dr. Bhakti Yadav!

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