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Meet Dr. Ganesh Rakh Who is Known for His Commitment of Free Delivery if a Girl Child is Born.

Who is Dr. Ganesh Rakh?

Dr. Ganesh Rakh from Pune, India is the immaculate example of the exquisite quote be the Change You Want to See in The World. Dr. Ganesh has been doing his bit really well and is helping people realize the importance of keeping girl child alive. Dr. Ganesh Rakh is working day and night to ensure that no child is abandoned or killed before birth.

Dr. Ganesh Rakh is better known for his commitment of free delivery if a Girl Child is born!

Dr. Ganesh Rakh is a reputed personality in Pune, he started his Hospital in 2007 and dealt with child-birth mostly. The motive behind charging no fees from parents if a girl child is born is moving, depressing and saddening. Dr. Rakh felt the same pain and despair when he saw people rebuking doctors and the mother when a girl child was born.

He presents a series of account when parents and relatives were really unhappy. He also throws light on how people celebrate the birth of a boy child while the birth of girl child is seen as a bad omen. He shares stories where parents tried to acquire discounts from doctors and hospitals saying that we have been burdened with a girl child while nothing of such sort happened whenever a boy child was born.

He has seen relatives going gaga on the birth of a boy child and he has also witnessed a set of relatives go without seeing the face of the girl child. As a human being, Dr. Rakh was deeply moved because of the way people were treating girl child. He aimed to change the perception and he wanted to do something on his own. The simple desire to be the change agent has made a celebrity out of him today.

In the contemporary world, Dr. Ganesh Rakh is an inspiration; hundreds of doctors and aspiring doctors look up at him as role models. He has been the guiding light in lives of aspiring doctors.

Dr .Ganesh Rakh Save The Girl Child
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The Day that changed the life of Dr. Ganesh Rakh

After witnessing how badly people were treating girl child and the newly born mother after the birth of a girl child, he decided to change the way people look at the birth of a girl child.

On 3rd January 2012 he decided to charge no money for delivery and medication if a girl child is born. Dr. Ganesh caught the nerve of the problem, he found the simple idea of dowry that shook parents on the birth of a girl child hence he decided to write off the cost of delivery and inspire parents to change their perspective towards a girl child.

Since January 2012, Dr. Ganesh has written off fees for more than 460 Girl Child. He has inspired parents, doctors and a lot of other people to look at girl child with pride and happiness in their eyes. He has forced people to change their mindset and let everyone enjoy their life to the fullest.

Struggles that followed:

Doctor Rakh is a general physician hence he was dependent upon a lot of other colleagues for completing such operations. He decided to bear the cost and ensure that his promise to himself is being fulfilled.

With the decision the income of the Hospital started to dip and in order to keep all the employees and nurses afloat he had to do something. Dr. Rakh decided to see 50-100 patients on daily basis in order to ensure that the income of the hospital never dips and all employees get paid on time.

Inspirational story behind Dr.Rakh

The story and efforts of Dr. Rakh are very much inspirational because we live in a country where sex ratio is going down on daily basis. We need more of such people who can help in fighting sex ratio abuse.

Efforts made by Dr. Rakh require courage of steel; he has shown the world a new way of managing resources to save the sex ratio from dipping. His move has inspired hundreds of parents to see their girl child as a goddess.

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Dr. Rakh has been praised and awarded at various events and functions. His presence is considered auspicious and he is warmly welcomed everywhere he goes.

Handful of parents have accepted that they were happy to have a girl child only because Dr. Rakh decided to wave off the delivery fees; it may sound inspiring but it is hollow and depressing. We all must be grateful to Dr. Rakh for the efforts he has made to change the way people think. We expect that people understand the importance of Girl Child and stop abandoning them in coming times.

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