Dr Sinchan Das

This is A Story About An Inspiring Personality Of The World Of Health Science And Traditional Indian Classical Music, Dr. Sinchan Das

India is the temple of culture and medicine from the ancient period and this is a land of many world class talents who has made the country proud. This story is about a 26 years old Indian Health Scientist Dr Sinchan Das. In one hand, Dr. Sinchan Das is a Homeopathic physician, a health scientist, an educationists and on the other hand he is a vocalist of Traditional Indian Classical Music. He is coming out from a Bengali middle class family of Kolkata. His mother Dr. Susmita Das is a plant pathologist and father Mr. Harendra nath Das is a Statistician.

Dr Sinchan Das as a Health Science Personality :

Dr. Das had started his study on Homeopathy after passing H.S. in the year 2009 at one of India’s heritage institution Pratap Chandra Memorial Homeopathic Hospital & College. From the very first day he feels interest on allied medical subjects rather pure homeopathic subjects and his professors encourage him a lot and by their guidance and support he had reached in the level of perfection very soon. He had scored record marks in many national level competitive programme, like D.N.B.M.E.F., D.A.A.M.E.P. etc and received many awards and certificates from all over the world. His profound knowledge of medicine and extra ordinary talent made the country proud as he had become World Champion in the World Championship of Health Science, Macedonia in the year 2017.

He had observed that many myths are advocated in our society very perfectly about diseases, medicine and homeopathy. Then by one of his professor he feel interested about the question Pathogenesis of Homeopathic remedies and How Homeopathic medicines work? In this context he had explained few medicines with their probable pathogenesis and had outlined a schema for mechanism of action of Homeopathic remedies. At present he is working with genetic cause of disease and Double blind method in Homeopathy.

Dr Sinchan Das As a Physician :

Dr. Sinchan Das, a doctor with very kind heart. He served for the people of this nation without any policies and business strategies. He is providing medical service to the villages of west Bengal voluntarily and try to share their feelings like a friend and well-wisher.

Dr. Sinchan Das Vocalist
Shared by Dr Barun Kulkarni

Dr Sinchan Das As a Vocalist :

Dr. Das had started his musical journey t the age of 3 years under the guidance of his mother Dr. Susmita Das, then at the age of 5 years he came to the Kaushik Bhattacharya to take taalim in the Indian Classical music for a span of 9 years then had come under the valuable guidance of vocal maestro Pt. Samaresh Chawdhury for intensive taalim and that journey is still continuing. Along with this taalim he feel interested in another classical instrument Sarode under the maestro of Maihar Gharana Pt. Kamal Mallick & this lesson of Pt. Mallick had changed his style of performance as a whole. He feel courage to popularize the glorious Indian Classical Music among the mass, which was confound within the so called class people and aristocrat people previously. He introduced an instrumental style ‘Taantrikari’ which welcomed by the audience warmly and created a new era in Indian Classical Music.

Dr. Das is a master of rare raagas. Along with a performer he is a music therapist also. His mesmerizing performance and scientific explanation of raagas made the audience wondered. He made himself a maestro in all respects in this young age successfully and if we nourish his talent he may change a lot of our future world.

Sangeet Ratna Dr Sinchan Das | Facebook Page

Thank you Dr Barun Kulkarni  (Facebook) for sharing this story with us.
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