Meet the Indian Roadrunner – Dutee Chand Who Qualified for 100m in Olympics

Dutee Chand is a lady Milkha Singh, who made a record by qualifying for 100 m in the Olympics. She is the first woman after the legendary sports star, PT Usha. Read her inspirational story ahead.

Dutee Chand Short Bio

D.O.B : Feb 3, 1996

Profession: Sports Personality, National Champion in the Women’s 100 m event.

Place of Birth: Odisha, India

About Dutee Chand:

Dutee Chand is a simple yet very torrentuous woman, who is a professional sprinter. At present, she is the National Champion in the women’s 100 m event. Anlian Medal Hunt Company is representing her. It is an organization which encourages the young sports enthusiasts with the goal to nurture them and make them excellent professionals in the field of sports.

Chand is the woman after PT Usha, who has qualified for 100 m event at the Summer Olympic Games.

Dutee Chand Height Interview
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Family Background:

Chand is born to a poor family into weaving business. She is among the four daughters of her family to have made her parents proud. She is inspired by her elder sister, Saraswati Chand, who was an athlete herself. Chand is pursuing her studies from the KIIT University to pursue Law.

She was also awarded with the sum of money, Rs. 50,000/- for qualifying for Rio 2016 Olympics. Chand is enjoying her career with full hard work and practice. She believes that her dreams are soon going to come true and one of them that make her a sprinter is already true by god’s grace. The daughter of weaving family from the village of Chaka Gopalpur never knew that this 18 year old young girl will make the family proud one day.

Achievements and Rewards:

Chand has received two gold medals at the Asian Junior Athletics championship in Taiwan. One of the sad incidents happened when her name was struck off from the competition. She was preparing for her maiden Commonwealth Games in Glasgow when the incident happened. Chand was given an indefinite ban on competing under the IAFF guidelines. It was a very critical phase of her life; however, she won the battle of justice by the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport). All the rights to compete were returned to her.

In an interview with Indian Express, Dutee shared her feelings; “My coach N. Ramesh told me that this meet in Kazakhstan was my last chance to qualify for the Olympics. If you don’t qualify here forget about going to Rio Olympics’, is what he told me. Before the morning heats Ramesh sir told me not to thing of a medal but just qualify for the event. Once I was on track I felt like I would post a good time today. It was a relief when I qualified in the heats. There was pressure to qualify for the Olympics and I was tense but now as I have qualified my dream has come true. I now hope to enter the final at the Olympic Games.”

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Motivational Factor:

This little is truly a masterpiece and perfect definition to courage, confidence, and hard work. We keep cribbing about the unpleasant things in our lives and often curse the almighty for being the reason. Chand was not left with any time to even do this. All she was expected to do was having faith in her and continue to practice harder.

It is Dutee’s own belief and courage that brought her to this level of success. Well, according to me, she deserves much better and hopefully soon. Despite coming so close to the competition, she kept missing it due to misunderstandings and court orders. But, after all the stormy weather, she turned out as a winner.

I admire her courage and her dedication. She could have easily got lured by the limelight and even could have got distracted from the responsibilities towards her family. But every race that she won brought her closer to her family. We have very less facilities and benefits for sports athletes in different fields other than cricket. Cricket is highly publicized and promoted.

The people of India and the Government together must come forward to encourage these young athletes, who are struggling to make a name of their country in the other sports games too. My salute and respect to this brave girl. She is truly a Roadrunner! May she achieves success continuously and keeps making her family proud of her existence.

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