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Sunil Sathyavolu & Vijay Pothula Co-Founders of ‘EdSense – An EdTech Company That Adds Learning Into Education’, Shares Their Startup Story

Education System in India, has been a topic of concern and discussion for ages, yet very little has been done for it. Almost every aspect of life today, has been modernized with changing technology, but something as critical as education stayed far from its shadows, still clinging to the same old arrangements that didn’t stay on par with the current generation’s needs. Although technology did make its way into schools, replacing blackboards with smart screens and note books with laptops, it failed to infiltrate into what really mattered – the several aspects of learning.

EdSense Co-Founders – Team

Having noticed the vast gap between the learnings offered and the learning potential available at large, We Kiran J, Sunil Sathyavolu, Vijay Pothula & Vivek C from Hyderabad, Telangana, all holding several years of rich experience in technology domain, decided to bring about a change in this obsolete education system, that has been in a dire need for change, with our startup “EdSense”, an Educator’s digital strategy partner.

How we founded EdSense?

We did an extensive research on the Indian school systems, technologies and methodologies being used across different schools, and the general education scenario, before conceptualizing EdSense. Combining our expertise in technology and education, we developed a unique platform that helps schools plan, define, and implement, a digital strategy, to incorporate new ways of teaching, and match the dynamic standards and requirements of today’s learners.

Students today, have various supplementary material for reference, in addition to their curriculum. However, teachers are not always in loop about the references students depend on, and their progress with it. This is because schools still depend on One Size Fits All pedagogy. We have a world of high-quality content available on the web, and schools should be equipped to personalise and customize that content to match the skills, interests and capabilities of their students. Schools must delve deeper into the learning aspect of education, and emphasize on overall development of a student. This holistic approach towards learning and student development, is what EdSense brings to the table.

The Mission

Our mission is to make learning a truly enriching experience for students, and helping schools, teachers and parents assist them with the same. We believe students have different learning capabilities, and education when catered to them in the way that best appeals to them, is more effectively accepted.

Key Focus

  1. Empowering students to be creators, not customers
  2. Personalized learning pathways
  3. Adopting new ways of focused learning
  4. Enhanced access to quality learning resources
  5. Increased collaboration and learning engagement
  6. Eliminating learning gaps
  7. Career readiness
  8. 360o learner profile
  9. Virtual classrooms
  10. Increased Student Motivation

About EdSense

EdSense connects schools/teachers, students, and parents on a single platform, and seamlessly integrates existing B2C supplementary learning methods, digitized student records, effective teaching methodologies, Artificial Intelligence-based learning and performance tracking, and more. As we put it–EdSense is an educational system that focuses on the unique combination of “Academics – Child Preferences and Psychology – Technology” to guide the key stakeholders “School – Students – Parents”.

EdSense is a one-stop solution that focuses on increasing teacher effectiveness, with continuous professional development; enhancing student achievement with personalized learning pathways, by analysing their interests, strengths, skills, behavior, health, nutrition, learning pace and preferences; while also empowering parents by prompting them with relevant insights and recommendations on right upbringing.

At EdSense we Do NOT promote technology, technology is just a medium. we offer right blend of Academic Excellence and Psychology.

To arrive at derivatives, the platform uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) that identifies patterns of an individual child’s habits, dispositions, and align learning/teaching strategies accordingly. The fact that some of EdSense’s features are awaiting patent, goes on to show the uniqueness of the platform.

Some features in the platform, that aids the aforementioned goals are 360o learner profile, personalized content/course recommendations, curated individual learning paths, flipped classroom with access to digital content and virtual staff room for teachers to share lesson plans.

Empowering Students

EdSense encourages students to explore various learning methodologies, recognize their interests and strengths, and hone the same. Seeing that learning is not just confined to the limits of a classroom, students learn at their own pace. EdSense provides students with personalized learning solutions based on their learning capabilities and areas of improvement. Customized learning, and empathetic solutions in a judgement free environment encourage students to perform better. The platform also encourages students to set goals based on their interests and long term plans, helping them reach higher standards.

Mentoring Teachers

EdSense believes, excellence in students comes from excellent teachers. Hence, it lays added emphasis on optimizing teaching efforts and automating repetitive activities, to help teachers make better use of their time in the class. Our company emphasizes the integral role played by teachers, in the success of this ecosystem.

The platform assists teaches with shared lesson plans, cognitive assistance, scheduler and alerts, measured outcomes, and instructional design platform. Teachers are required to take continuous professional development courses, to better help students.

Assisting schools

EdSense assist schools with centralized data, curriculum development planning, analysing learning patterns, and drive decisions based on data from across all its institutions. New learning paradigms, monitoring techniques and governing capabilities, pedagogies and technology, empower schools to put their best foot forward in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Guiding parents

The prominence of parent’s involvement in student education cannot be overlooked. Keeping this in mind, EdSense assists parents with better involvement in their child’s education, and also educate them with smart parenting tips regularly. Parental partnership assists teachers to overcome student’s behavioral and academic challenges faster, thus meeting the ultimate goal – the child’s overall development.

Market response

EdSense has received an excellent response from its target audience during the pilot phase. Twelve months into the journey, we have better insights into market demands, and have transformed to emphasise more on core offerings.

Currently, EdSense has its presence in a few CBSE Schools in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, and is making great progress in engaging with educational institutions and getting their buy-in on the benefits. With aggressive business expansion plans, the team is fine-tuning the platform stability, user experience and optimum adaptability to maximize the benefits for their customers.

We are excited about the immense possibilities that the platform has at offer. We have incorporated research-backed psychometric tests in the platform that builds a transferable digital record of the learner. It enables new teaching concepts like Flipped Classrooms and ‘Learn-from-one-another’ to help students have better control over learning.

Funding status

EdSense’s unique offerings and enterprising features, got us successfully funded. As of April 2018, we have successfully closed our first round of funding for an undisclosed amount, from an Angel Investor.

Looking ahead

With a promising future ahead, EdSense is ready to go ahead at full throttle, while discussions for long-term business expansion geographically, and to different business verticals, are in progress.

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