Elayaraja Artist

Elayaraja is a One Man Show to Bring His Paintings into Reality

When the cloud of success seems difficult to shade you, artists like Elayaraja paint their own clouds. The story is all about his love for paintings and his amazing masterpieces.

Name: Elayaraja

Age: 36

Place of Birth: Tamil Nadu, India

Website : elayarajaartgallery.com


Background of Elayaraja Artist:

Elayaraja is an amazing artist. His work is beyond the reach of one’s imagination. His paintings reflect his pure and divine thoughts that represent the Indian culture in a most unique manner.

The precise emotions in his neat paintings captivate your attention and bring it to reality. Some emotions on the faces of his paintings feel as if they are actually breathing. He is one of the outstanding artists that one can ever come across.

Despite the fame and recognition for his marvelous work, Elayaraja still believes that success is yet to arrive in his life. It only shows how passionate he is in his subject. Every painting by him brings the ancient Indian tradition to reality.

Many teachers would scold him for his inattentiveness in the class and interest towards sketching. Elayaraja used to help his father immediately after returning from school in his wood carving small business. He was fanatic about designing and drawing. None of his teachers knew that this young boy would take his painting interest to another level. He praises two teachers who always encouraged him for his talent, Durai Master and Amutha Teacher.

Elayaraja oil painting
“One of his masterpiece” | (c) visit here : elayarajaartgallery.com to view more.

He was encouraged by his facebook fans, loved ones, and art lovers to develop his skills to an advanced level.

“Even after I completed college, all I wanted to do was paint enough to hold regular exhibitions. I never expected this kind of popularity. There was a time when even color pencils were an unattainable luxury. I still remember the days when I watched the Tamil news on Doordarshan and sketched newscasters Nijanthan and Nirmala. They were my models. Where else could I observe someone for a whole half an hour?”

few words by Elayaraja in his interview with The Hindu.


Today, the young man is recognized globally for his real life like work of ‘Dravidian Women’.

Academic Background:

  • Elaya attained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (Painting), Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Kumbakonam.
  • He also attained a Master in Fine Arts (Painting), Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai.
  • His key skills and interests are Oil Painting, Knife Painting, Acrylic Painting, Print Painting, and Photography.
  • Elayaraja has participated in various art exhibitions throughout his career as an artist and as a learner.
  • He has held many events, shows, and camps for his work in collaboration with popular hosts and organizers.

Achievements and Rewards:

  • Elayaraja has won many cash awards for his stupendous art work. He won various awards and cash prizes at Inter Collegiate competitions.
  • He was honored as the Best Out-Going Student, Lalit Kala Academy, Kum.
  • He also received a State Award at an Exhibition by Oviya Nunkalai Kuzhu.
  • He was granted a scholarship by the Lalit Kala Academy for his passion for arts and painting.
  • His work of ‘Dravidian Women’ is globally recognized.
  • Elayaraja currently hosts Abstract Art Gallery in association with Mrs. Dhanalaxmi Fordyce.

Inspirational Message:

Some people are truly inspirational not only for others for also for themselves. We often read stories, watch videos and movies to get external inspiration. There are a few who make their own stories to get self-inspiration. Elayaraja is one of them. A young boy, who could not afford expensive colors and tools for paintings, is today, one of the promising artists of the world.

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His specialty in water colors adds life to his paintings. The emotions hidden inside him are clearly visible on those canvas boards. He doesn’t need a word to explain what he feels, it all reflects in his masterpieces.

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I am truly impressed and swayed by some of his magnificent works. Some even brought tears to my eyes as the life in those paintings is so real and incredible. Every person is an artist at heart. Some are amazing speakers, while some are amazing listeners. On the other side, some people express through their emotions and gestures, and some bring it on the paper for you to know how they feel. Elayaraja has every exceptional quality in him to make him an exceptional personality. What makes him so special is his humbleness despite the art loaded in him. I wish him all the best for his future endeavors and truly hope that I get to see some more of his stunning works.

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