Hardit Singh Malik

Meet the First Indian Fighter Pilot, Sardar Hardit Singh Malik Who Still Lives in the Hearts of Thousands

This story is about the journey of a true fighter and a living legend, Hardit Singh Malik who is also known by the title; “The Flying Sikh of Biggin Hill”.

Name: Hardit Singh Malik

Place of Birth: Rawalpindi, Punjab (Now in Pakistan post British India)

Current Status: No More

About Hardit Singh Malik:

Hardit Singh Malik is dead, but lives in many hearts and is remembered with great respect and pride always. He served as an Indian Civil Servant and a true Diplomat for many years. Being the first Indian High Commissioner to Canada and an Indian Ambassador to France, he has always given his 100 percent dedication to all his roles played.

Hardit was the first pilot to fly with Royal Flying Corps and this was during the World War I. His other interests also brought him immense popularity, such as he has played first-class cricket. Hardit was only 14 when he moved to England with his family. He attended a prep school and Eastbourne College. He also specialized in history at Balliol College, Oxford. About his interest, Hardit attained a Blue award from Oxford in golf.

The achievements and accomplishments for Hardit were a never ending story. It was like his one touch in a subject of his interest was a touch of gold. Whatever he touched turned out to be gold for him. Do not miss to read the detailed history of his career and his battle during the World War I.

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Malik returned to India in 1919. It was the time when he got married to Parkash Kaur. They both had three children out of their wedlock. Post the settlement of his children in different fields, Malik joined Indian Civil Service in India. After serving for a few years in India, he returned to England and was promoted to the post of Deputy Commissioner. During his career term, Mailk has been shifting to different roles and various countries.

Motivational Factor:

Among the 1.3 million India who fought in World War I, there was this first Indian who flew an aircraft, but unfortunately, remained unpopular to many for years. Malik shot down six German fighters, which was quite commendable. Despite serving various countries, Malik never parted his culture and Sikhism. He was a true Sikh at heart!

His amazing spirit and sportsmanship made him close to many friends who were Kings, Princes, Lords, Ministers, Military men, and other popularly recognized personalities. Despite the fame and recognition, Hardit remained very humble and down to earth for others. He was also named as; ‘Flying Hobgoblin’.

The story would go beyond to describe Hardit’s contribution in serving various roles. He couldn’t forget his first love, golf and returned to the same subject after his retirement. Hardit lived till 90 despite two bullets embedded in his leg by the Germans during the war. Now that’s what I call a true hero!

Malik knew how to live after death. Your selfless goals, efforts, and contributions are the three tools that make you prominent. A few years down, our future generation may not remember who was Tata, Birla, or Ambani. However, they will still remember who are Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, and Amitabh Bachchan. A person is not remembered by his monetary status or his fan following; it is his own efforts and dedication in the fields that he represents, which makes him remembered for long.

The beard guy has left a remarkable showmanship, all by himself in many fields. He never expected to be popular, but served generously wherever he went. It cannot be denied that his strong confident spirit inspired many young pilots who served their country. After Hardit’s willingness to join the army, many young men got inspired and showed the same spirit of serving their country.

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He was and remains one of the brave military men, who had given abundant of love and affection to his career. I am sure Hardit’s children and grandchildren would be really honored to know a personality like him in their family history. It really takes courage, determination, and confidence to stick to your goals and this is where Hardit Singh Malik excelled at.

After Hardit’s story, I realized that for years we sit idle with the fear of losing or presuming that we can’t do things. It is perfectly ok to loose in life, but somewhere you will realize in the later stages that you tried courageously something that was not under your scope and who knows, you may WIN too.

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