Frrole startup story

Frrole : An Amazing Global Social Intelligence Shared their Successful Startup Story

About Frrole :

Frrole is a global social intelligence company based at Pal alto/Bangalore.  Founded in Jan 2014 by Amarpreet Kalkat as a social data-as-a-service startup with an ability to mine deep insights from social data. The company has raised an angel round of $245k led by angel investors in 2014.

Frrole spent 4 months at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator as part of its 3rd batch in Bangalore, India, at the end of which it raised its seed round from a group of angel investors, led by Sharad Sharma, Manav Garg and Rajan Anandan. Frrole was among the “16 coolest startups in India” in 2014, an annual ranking published by Business Today.

Frrole signed partnership with Twitter for elevated data access in April 2014, gaining access to larger amount of data than is freely available. In August 2015, it signed a media solutions partnership with Facebook. The social intelligence engine that powers Frrole has the ability to analyze 100s of millions of universal data sets in real-time. For all these data sets, Frrole performs extensive analysis across semantic, meta data and statistical dimensions. It leverages standard and custom-built algorithms around ML, NLP, NER and clustering to do this analysis. While most Social Analytics/Intelligence products provide results based on statistics and the first level of NLP, Frrole goes two levels deeper building semantic context for each topic and tying it up with information available in the general and historical data sets.

Frrole is one of the most transparent starts up in India. The founders at Frrole have completely made public their respective salaries, Frrole funding and shares in the company. Frrole boasts of a great culture and rocking team.

Frrole Funding :

The company had raised $245k by angel investors Sharad Sharma and Manav Garg.

Frrole’s Key Customer Segments:

Media and advertising agencies,Top consumer brands, Digital marketing and communication firms.

Frrole boasts of customers from fortune 500 companies to top global media and advertising agencies including Unilever, Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, Mindshare, Grey Worldwide, Zoom TV, Times Now, Group M, UV Group etc.

Frrole’s Differential Value :

Frrole provides hard to obtain consumer insights for businesses, and largely marketers at this point, by leveraging social data. Social listening measures tells you what is happening on social media about your brand or product, whereas Frrole is about using the happenings on social media to tell you what is happening truly inside your business. Frrole helps its customers to know their customers better and make decisions based on strong social insights and real time data points. Frrole solves real business complex problems in the areas of products, consumers and marketing communications by providing deep insights using social data.

Know the Core Team :

 The Co- Founder and CEO, Amarpreet Kalkat

Amanpreet Kalkat frroleAmarpreet leads the Frrole team, with a focus on Product and Business. He has spent the last few years in the startup mode, doing multiple products before eventually picking up Frrole as his big, hairy goal. He has built more than 10 products in his 16 years in technology industry, working at companies like Nokia, Trilogy, HP etc before Frrole. He likes to push his boundaries, and enjoys sports like kickboxing, endurance athletics and motorcycle racing etc. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Punjabi University Patiala and an MBA from IIM Kozhikode. He currently lives in Bangalore with his wife and 3 year old daughter.

His thoughts on Working at Frrole:

I call it the most exhilarating fun that I have ever had. There is just nothing else that I would rather be doing. I see Frrole as a place for the exceptional, the ‘potentially special’. People who are passionate and driven, who expect highly from themselves. That is the only way I see ourselves solving the kind of hard problems for customers that we are solving.”


Abhishek Vaid, Co Founder, Head of Technology

Abhishek Vaidya FrroleAbhishek leads technology @Frrole. He comes from a background in academia and research, where he has instructed courses in Data Mining, Algorithm Design and AI for graduate students and authored more than five research papers. He holds a Bachelors and Masters from IIITM, Gwalior, an integrated program in computer science. He loves to learn new stuff and spends a good bit of time experimenting with new things.

His take on working and curating business at Frrole:

I believe what I’m doing @Frrole is truly revolutionary, innovative and novel. As a problem, It’s one of the hardest problems out there and one that cannot be solved without an extended and focused effort. The solution to the problem itself allows for endless possibilities of innovation in various fields. This is what drives me and brings me to office everyday. New possibilities waiting to be discovered, old concepts and deployment no longer working and waiting to be redefined and re-engineered. It’s something that I have wanted to do all my life. In the past, before I started this, I had an option to either go for a PhD. or to continue working @Frrole. I think, I made the right choice.” 

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