Grandmaster Shifuji

Meet the Real Baaghi of Baaghi, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj Cheif Mentor of Commandos, CEO and Founder of SASS9 & Mission Prahar

You may know him from the movie Baaghi as Tiger Shroff’s master, but this story will speak about the real Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj. His contributions and emotions for the country will sweep you off your feet!

GrandMaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj
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Name: Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj

Profession: Cheif Mentor of Commandos, CEO and Founder of SASS9 & Mission Prahar, Stunt Mentor for actions movies of Bollywood

Amazing Facts about Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj:

Grandmaster Shifuji may not be a popularly known name in public, but in the military services, he is one of the most eligible and best Commando Trainers, since 2008. According to an internet research survey, he is also termed as the world’s best commando trainer, since the year 2008.

Grandmaster Shifuji gives the credit of this success and popularity to his parents. He was very young when he sarted to learn the various self-discipline and self-realization techniques. His first master was Late Sensai Khem Bahadur Gurung, who was a legendary Gorkha fighter. He has also taken guidance by the Great Guruji, “Naga Mahalaal Babaji”. Guruji specialized in Aghori Awadhoo, the secrets of various powers, and spiritualism.

At a very young, he became a Hat Yoga Guru. His disciples Yogacharya and Hathyogi grabbed the national titles of Mr. India and Miss India, respectively. Some more achievements by his disciples were to attain Bharat Yogasana Samrath, Bharat Artistic Yoga Samrath, Bharat Yogasana Samragyini, and mastery in Hath Yog and Klishtha Yog.

Shifuji is also a Shaolin Warrior from the Shaolin Temple, under the training of Headmaster of Shaolin Temple, Great Grandmaster Shi dei yang. Talking about his list of inventions, Shifuji is the inventor of various skilled trainings and techniques like, Shatru Vinashak, Military Martial Arts, Single Second Knock out System, and various others. His mission is to empower Indian women and train them on self-defense with pride and glory. This will help him to see a much stronger, vibrant, and consistent growth of India.

Some of the languages spoken and understood by Grandmaster Shifuji are; Sanskrit, Haryanvi, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, English, Hebrew, Awadhi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and a few more.

Achievements, Accomplishments and Rewards of Shifuji:

  • Announced as the Brand Ambassador of Madhya Pradesh
  • Honored with the award of Living Legend – True Patriot, Shaheed Bhagat Singh

He is the founder of various fields and skills mentioned hereunder;

  • Urban Warfare & Military Martial Arts
  • Special Anti-Urban Terrorist Tactics Trainer for Mumbai Police, especially after the 26/11 terror attack
  • Mentor for the Mumbai QRT Commandos
  • Special Commando Trainer for Combatants of the Army’s Fighting Regiment
  • Mission Prahaar, with the core objective to train at least a crore women with special self-defense techniques
  • Founder of Indian warrior monks
  • Guru of Kallari skills and master of ancient form of Kallaripayatt, which is the world’s oldest Indian martial arts of Kerala

Motivational Factor:

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj, a name that itself carries a huge story. If you ask him to speak a few words about him, those few words will also be about the nation. He is a man of words, a man of wisdom, and a man of honor. I have no words to explain how much proud I am feeling to write about him.

Watch some of his videos and you would know that patriotism flows with every drop of his blood in his body. He is a man who has the capability of creating a better future of India, by improving the defense system of the country. He is one of the rare personalities, who know the true meaning of living life with Confidence, Positivity, and High Spirit.

Despite holding such immense level of knowledge and wisdom, Shifuji is a very humble person to interact with. So many costars and celebrities have interacted with him. They have always felt honored to communicate with him. Many of us wish to run out of India and settle abroad. We may have thousands of excuses, complaints, concerns, and worries of our own about residing in India; however, as soon as there is a National Anthem played in the background, people stand right where they are. It is because despite the challenges and disappointments in our system, we remain a true India at heart and the unity or respect for our motherland never died. This is exactly what Grandmaster Shifuji believes in too.

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