Haldhar Nag

Haldhar Nag : There’s nothing as like Magic, Everything is either Sweat or Talent!

Haldhar Nag is no more a third standard dropout; he is now a Padma Shri recipient. Haldhar Nag has been a topic of PhD research in his recent past. The success story of Haldhar not only abolishes stereotypes but also redefines the word success.

Haldhar never went to school after third standard just to be researched by scholars and then getting awarded with one of the most prestigious award in the country. Haldhar has achieved everything a hardworking kids wants to but never gets close to it. Haldhar’s story allows people to think beyond college degrees and primary education. While education is extremely important, desire to do something is what actually motivates people.

The background Story of Haldhar Nag:

Haldhar Nag was born in Bargarh District of Odisha. Haldhar had to stop going to school after third standard because of his father’s death. Haldhar wrote his first ever poetry in the year 1990 and it was named “Dhodo Bargachh” (The Old Banyan Tree). Universities from across the world are now busy admiring his art but luckily it is an Indian university that will have the lifetime opportunity of compiling his poems.

The language he writes in and the topic he chooses

Haldhar has a unique mental setup; he does poetry because he likes it and not because he wants to be read and praised. Haldhar writes in Kosli language and is surprised with the recognition he and his work have acquired in recent past.

Haldhar is a joyful person; there have been times when he worked as a dishwasher then turned into a cook but never stopped writing poems. Haldhar finds happiness in poetry and ultimately happiness has found him. With the Padma Shri recognition everyone in the country admires him and seeks inspiration from him.

Haldhar never cared about the narrow audience base he had, all he cared for was his unique art. Haldhar never cared for the language he wrote in and he never cared about the world.

How has his life changed over the time?

In a nutshell we can say, what he has achieved over the time is abundance. He has abundant fame, respect and recognition. He holds five PhDs and his works are being taught at Universities. Haldhar is someone who never completed his education but then turned out to a key player in education.

What makes him different from all of us?

The mindset! How we all stop ourselves from being the best version by telling the bullshit story. Haldhar never cared for the world or for the beliefs, he did what he was best at irrespective of the conditions and circumstances and today he is where we all want to be.

If reports are to be believed, Haldhar Nag never wore footwear in his life.

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How Viral Indian Diary looks at the journey of Haldhar Nag?

Viral Indian Diary looks at Haldhar Nag and feel proud; Haldhar has not only created waves in India but also abroad. Like every other Olympian and every other Cricketer, he has also made India proud and we all are happy about it.

Haldhar Nag is going to stay with all of us not because his Padma Shri but because he never completed his education still achieved what he deserved. Haldhar Nag inspires us to go beyond our limitations and keep doing things that we always wanted to do.

Haldhar Nag’s story is going to haunt all of us to be the better us. The story is going to stay with us and inspire to achieve what we are meant for and it is going to help us keep going no matter what come may be!

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It’s great to see the huge interest of young people in poems in Kosli. Everyone is a poet, but only a few have the art of giving them shape.”

Rising to fame with PhD and Padma Shri:

Haldhar Nag would have been an unknown name had universities not conducted PhD research on him and had he was not felicitated with Padma Shri. Haldhar Nag is not only a national award winner but also a token of rural India. He represents the real essence of India. Haldhar Nag will not only inspire people to aim for Padma Shri but will also inspire artists and people who love their work.

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